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Fond du Lac city directory, and business advertiser, for 1865-'66

Appendix,   pp. [99]-105 ff.

Page [99]

   RULE 1st. At the hour of meeting or adjournment of the 
 Council, the Mayor, or in his absence the President, shall call 
 the Council to order, and preside over the same. 
   RULE 2d. The following standing committees shall be ap- 
 pointed by the Mayor, viz.: A Committee on Finance, to 
 whom shall be referred all claims and accounts for their itves- 
 tigation and report, e;cept Firemen's accounts, which shall be 
 refered tothe Chief Engineer ; an Improvement Committee, 
 to whom shall be referred the improvement of streets, side. 
 walks, and sewers, and all other improvements, and a Corn. 
 mittee on Miscellaneous Business. 
   RULE 3rd. All questions to be decided by vote, shall be put 
 in the usual parliamentaryform, unless a division be called for. 
   RULE 4th. When a motion is made and seconded it shall be 
 stated previous to debate. 
   RuLF 5th. When any person is about to speak in debate, or 
present a subect to the Council, he shall address himself to 
the chair, and <shall confne himself to the question under 
debate, and avoid all      ities. 
, RULE 6th. No member of the Council shall interrupt another 
in his remarks, unless to call him to order for a violation of a 
rule of order. 
  RULE 7th. All motions-except a motion to adjourn, and to 
lay on the table-~and all resolutions,, shall be reduced to 
writing, if required. 
  RULE 8th. Any motion may be withdrawn, by consent of 
the Council, before any decision or dment to the same. 

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