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Fond du Lac city directory, and business advertiser, for 1865-'66

[Beeson, Son and Greene's Fond du Lac directory: S],   pp. 88-93

Page 91

Secord D. laborer, house Plover Portage avenue col Walnut 
Sickles D. constable, house Boardman corner Division 
Oickler 0. D. bookkeeper, boards Fourth 
SIMMONS MILTON W. clerk of circuit court, offie, court 
     house, house Superior 
 Sizer Joel, carpenter, house Forest corner Owasso 
 Sitz George, graindealer, house Harney near Rees 
 Skinner 11. R. wheatbuyer, house 22 Fourth 
 Skinner 0. baker, house 60 Sheboygan 
 Slocum John F. house Union opposite Second 
 Sloan George E. laborer, house Grove W  Superior 
 Slowey John, laborer, house Scott near steamboat landing 
 Slyer John, shoemaker, house South between Oak and Elm 
 Smead S. M. (Bonesteel & Smead) house Wingae n Division 
 SMEAD DR A. physician and surgeon, office American House 
 Smith H. A. carpenter, boards 348 Main 
 Smith J. A. printer, house over 504 Main 
 Smith A. tinner, house Hamey 
 Smith R. A. tinner, house Forest 
 Smith Mrs. Rebecca, house 42 Sheboygan 
 Smith Mrs. Mabel, house Rees near Bannister 
 Smith Nelson, shoemaker, house 46 Third 
 Smith D. W. house 76 Second 
 Smith Jessie, tinner, house Amory near Merrill 
 SMITH MRS E. E. millinery 500 Main, house 43 Division 
 Smith Joseph, tailor, house Elm bet South and Western av 
 Smith J. R. (Perkins & Smith) house 25 Forest 
 Smith Frederick, cabinetmaker, house Doty cor Merrill 
 Smith Frederick, cabinetmaker, house Brooke between Cotton 
    and McWilliams 
Snyder H. harnessmaker, house Grove E Harney 
Somerville Alexander, machinist, house Doty between Scott 
    and Follett 
Soule George, clerk, house Wingate 
Soule W. G. (with Pooler's Insurance agency) bds Wingate 
SPENCER B. printer Beeson's printing office bds 53 Fourth 
SPEAR A. J. & CO. sawyers, office and Mill near Scott 
Speer John, brakeman, boards 8 First 
SPENCE ANDREW, crockery dealer, house 8 First 
SPENCER J. H. whelesale and retail dealer in leather and 
    findings, hides 531 Main, house 18 First 
Spink Richard, drawing master, Wingate 
Sprague Mrs. P. A. dressmaker>, honuse over 490} Main 
Sprague & Gould, carpenters, shop 1>0 Forest 
Squires Edwards, blacksnmith, h~ Doty> bet Sibley and Cotton 
   HIoue and Lots in a1Z Part. of the City. Seepage 168 

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