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Fond du Lac city directory, and business advertiser, for 1865-'66

Preface,   p. [7]

Page [7]

WE deem it almost unnecesry tsay anything in regard to our Directory 
by way of     anation, buta few remarks may, perhaps, be as well 
  We have used our utmost endeavor to make this, our first Directory of 
Fond du Lac, a book of interest to not only subscribers, but travelers, 
and others who may have occasion to refer to its pages 
  To all who have aided us, and encouraged our enterprise, we tender 
our sincere thanks, hoping that this, our first edition of the City Directory,
may meet with a pleasing reception. 
  We would call particular attention to the typographical appearance of 
the book, and we feel assured in saying that Fond du Lac can produce as 
good a work of the kind as any other city. 
  We would also call attention to the advertisements of the several Job 
Printing Offces in our city, as establishments capable of producing as fine
work as any in the North-West. 
  That there are errors in our work we do not doubt. Undoubtedly 
there have been changes since the city was canvassed, that have not 
come to our knowledge, but wherever we learned of them in time, 
we have made corrections. The endeavor to get all the names spelled 
correctly in a city like ours, where so many of the inhabitants have names
of a foreign origin, is a hopeless task; but in canvassing we took great
care to get every name spelled cqdrectly where it was possible. 
  To the merchants and business men of our city who have extended 
their patronage to us by advertising, we are under many obligations, 
and hope that they may reap a rich harvest for their liberality, by way 
of an increased trade. 

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