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Farmer / Atlas and farm directory with complete survey in township plats; Green Lake County, Wisconsin: containing plats of all townships with owners' names; also maps of the state, United States and world; also an outline map of the county showing location of townships, villages, roads, schools, churches, railroads, streams, etc., etc.

Map of world on Mercators projection

,pR Belu.. 
ok, Siam 114 
IMt I-elalDn 
res, India 
nG Germany D- 
nglam. En -A 
n, England 
b. 'y ,India HI 
lasa, France 
fod, England __ 
auo Germany 
E1 Enland                                                 HT 
sels. Belgium"                                                     
pest. Hungary 
.a  Aire s,  Ar- 
tle N24                        : 
Crest.  .ou-. ARIA 
Ia ELP32_-- 
, Egypt F-I                                                       ,IJ 
ltta India G                                          -0'2' 
n, China G6 
nit. Germany 
tu, China G4A 
gking, China 
gne, 4cermany 
ntinOple                                                  PAR" 
key EL3 
nhagen, Den- 
k I3 
sa ll 
India Gt - -SYr                    ~ 
[en. Germany 
n, Ireland D- 
uiuah., Sent-         l1 
cne, Italy 
kfer t-on- Main. 
-anz D30 
an. China G50h . k5 
a. Italy ElOC0e 
B, elgium 
OW, Saotland ek a .nrn 
e Nether-fl'ptk 
a DII 
arabad. Indias A-1 
erg. Germany 5" 
"ha u,  aina 
vr. Germany 
Ca, Cuha 021 ~   C 
England, D29 
,(ItlRussia E- 
Japan Fl 
,China El 
bali. Chinla 
England 0D 
IW. G erHm nA 
n, Peort ugal 
pool, England 
mow. 1ndia 
as, India HI 
id'.  ST 1in  F 29- 
hester-  Eng- 
slay, Indaa 01 
eill1e, France 
durocn. "AUS- 
as, Itatc F3l 
0'. Mexico H20 
Italy E?' 
eVidlon  braI 
v N2     18 
1a!,  Canad, 
Ren, China E 
ma, Japan 
ang. China 
C- ,any Ee. 
a, taly Eli' 
aItIne England 
York, N. Y' 
pC. China 
mghamm: Eng: 
a,  Usa EG- 
10   Prtugal 
a. Japan F. 
ma. Italy FIA 
Franca E30 
delhia,  Pa. 
China El P-i 1 U-11 Ir411 
0n, India 
Itnsia; DII 
n ,Janeiro BT K O .D I.- 
TO], E~l k  __________a____ n Bue 
ra    , NetheraReu, 
Sla C8 am 
ego. )hiAle N221 
1,, SpaIn F29ow 
-hi, China F; 
"i', England 
tan. China 
"'fl, China F- 
holm, SWIeden 
y,, A-strala 
lasin, China 

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