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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Fortieth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Beloit, Wis., November, 1911. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

Kammer, Wm.
My methods of dairy farming, or another year's experience,   pp. 108-114 PDF (1.4 MB)

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Fortieth Annual Report of the
Mr. Kammer: Yes, it is an awful good thing. I could do the testing
myself, but don't do it half the time. You miss three Cr four times or
even twice in a year it is no good; that is the trouble.
A Member: How many cows do you think you can keep on that
thirty acres?
Mr. Kammer: I think I can keep twenty. I have room for sixteen
in my barn and I raise all the young stock every year.
A Member: Could you have told which your best cows were If
you had not had the test?
Mr. Kammer: No, I could not. Sometimes a cow gives an awful
lot of milk and If you didn't test her you would not know a thing
about her. Three years ago the butter maker showed me how to test,
and I went down there and I had one cow that gave 11,000 pounds
of milk that year, and she tested 3.8. Not bad, you know, but I
found there were others that didn't give as much and that beat her.
A Member: What would you call a bad cow?
Mr. Kammer: I don't like to have them give less than 300 pounds
of butter fat. I would like to have cows that give 500 pounds of
butter fat, that is what I am working for, and I think I will get them.
I don't think it is hard to get them. I have gained every year now,
so far.
A Member: Do you gain on the same cows?
Mr. Kammer: Yes. That cow that tested 3.8, she has a heifer
now that tests over 5 all the time.
A Member: You can't Improve the same cow?
Mr. Kammer: Oh, no, they stay the same. They give me more
milk if I feed them good, but I can't get the test better.
A Member: Did you have any silage saved for summer feed?
Mr. Kammer: I always had plenty for summer all through. That
silage just about runs me through.
A Member:    Did you just feed silage and alfalfa?
Mr. Kammer: I feed them mornings and nights silage and I have
lots of roots; I feed them carrots and sugar beets. I feed them a few
roots after the silage, and then they get corn fodder whatever they
eat up clean, and then at night I give them silage and hay. I give them
about four pounds of bran, just now, a day.
A Member: Do you feed largely of bran during the winter time?
Mr. Kammer: Well, a good deal. Just now I am feeding hay. I
had bad luck this year. It grew moldy; I had to put It In pretty green.
My corn didn't come up until sometime In August and I thought it
wouldn't make much of a crop. I worked it up well, run over with
my wheel barrow see4er and sowed It again with millet and got a
nice crop off It.

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