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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Fortieth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Beloit, Wis., November, 1911. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

Hastings, E. G.
Tuberculin and its uses,   pp. 97-106 PDF (2.1 MB)

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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association.
hour. The tuberculin test consists of a comparison of temperatures
taken before the injection of the tuberculin with those taken after
the injection of tuberculin. We thus obtain an insight into the thermal
reaction that has been caused by the tuberculin.
Table I.
Highest tempera-     Highest tempera-
ture before inocu-   ture after Inocula-      Reaction.            Result.
lation.              tion.
102.2                102.6                0.4°            Healthy.
101.8                102.8                1.0             Healthy.
102.6                104.2                1.6             Healthy.
102.2                103.4                1.2             Healthy.
101.6                104.                 2.4             Healthy.
102.6                103.8                1.2             Healthy.
102.3                104.6                2.3             Diseased.
102.4                104.8                2.4             Diseased.
102.5                103.                 0.5             Diseased.
102.0                104.2                2.2             Diseased.
103.6                103.8                0.2             Diseased.
102.0                103.6                1.6             Diseased.
102.0                104.                 2.0             Diseased.
102.4                102.8                0.4             Diseased.
Various methods of interpreting these temperature records have
been proposed. It will be evident to anyone that if too low a standard
be taken as indicating a reaction to the tuberculin we will be getting
within the limits of variation of temperature of the healthy animal,
and if all the animals that react according to this standard are re-
moved we will be taking out probably all the diseased animals of the
herds and a certain number of healthy animals as well. If a high
standard Is adopted we will take out only a portion of the diseased
animals, since the variation in temperature of some of the diseased
animals will not be sufficient to reach the standard adopted. The
difficulty of interpreting temperature records is shown In table I, in
which the highest temperature before Injection and also the highest
temperature after Injection of a number of cattle is given. This work
was carried out on a herd for experimental purposes, and the entire
herd was killed and examined carefully after the tests had been made.
It will be noted that there are differences between the highest and
lowest temperatures in the case of diseased animals that are practically
duplicated by variations In the temperatures of healthy animals. For
Instance, the last animal given in the table has not reacted to an ex-
tent that would condemn her by any method of Interpretation yet
proposed; yet she is found diseased on slaughter. Animal No. 5, show-
ing a temperature of 104° after inoculation and a reaction of 2.4'.
would be condemned by any method of interpreting temperature rec-
ords, and yet this animal was found to be healthy on post mortem

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