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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Fortieth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Beloit, Wis., November, 1911. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

Rosa, Charles D.
American cow registry,   pp. 35-44 PDF (2.2 MB)

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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association.
been admitted to the Blue Register, provided these five females are
the daughters of five different dams. This plan may be open to dome
criticism and should await the mature judgment of the Association
when fully organized.
This Blue Register will be open to any cow, regardless of her breed-
ing, that is able to produce the minimum requirement for registration.
It is expected that it will be taken advantage of only by grades. Still
it will not be closed to any pure bred that cares to come in since it
is founded upon the principal of merit in production and should be
open to any cow that can make good.
An effort will be made to prevent cross breeding of the different
recognized breeds of dairy cattle in the following manner: When any
animal is tested and her record furnished for registry the owner thereof
shall give the predominating blood of the animal. The different breeds
will be ranged in the register in alphabetical order, and the numbers
under each breed will begin with one and be consecutive. It will
thus be several registers in one. This plan will receive added em-
phasis in the "Red Registry." Pedigrees of all animals recorded
this registry will be issued on blue tinted paper. All important details
that can be of any benefit to dairymen in general will be made a part
of the record of each cow and appear upon her pedigree including such
items as breeder, owner, sire, dam, predominating blood, age, amount
of milk, amount and percentage of fat and total solids, number of
months in calf, etc.
In the Red Register there will be recorded all heifer calves out of
cows admitted to the Blue Register if sired either first by a bull re-
corded in the section of the Blue Register to which the predominating
blood of the cow belongs, or second, sired by a bull registered in the
Breed Association to which the predominating blood of the cow be-
longs. It is not planned to admit any bulls to this register. Entries
in this Register must be made at birth or within a limited time there-
after. When heifer calves recorded in the Red Register have reached
an age when they may be tested for productivity they must undergo
the same test that their mothers did and pass the minimum require-
ments in order to be transferred into the Blue Register. Unless they
can pass such a test and be admitted to the Blue Register their prog-
eny cannot be recorded. The progeny of no animal therefore regis-
tered in the Red Register alone can be recorded. If she cannot meet the
requirements of the Blue Register she is eliminated and her descen-
dants also unless those descendants subsequently show their ability to
produce the goods and are admitted to the Blue Register on the
same basis as any other orginal cow.
Thus the plan automatically cuts off any descending line of in-

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