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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Eleventh annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Elk-horn, Wis., January 31, and February 1 and 2, 1883. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Report of the Grand Union dairy fair held in exposition building, Milwaukee, Wis., December 4-9, 1882,   pp. 135-138 PDF (813.5 KB)

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Hiram Smith - Mr. Hoard has stated this thing about as I 
would state it myself. If all the interests could be united, 
and nothing in the name to arouse suspicion of any one hav- 
ing the advantage, success would be certain. The N. B. & E 
Association should be invited to take part with the other as- 
sociations, as they have been invited to come to Wisconsin 
to hold their next meeting. 
CoL R IL Littler, Davenport, Iowa -As a representative 
of Iowa and secretary of the N. B. & E. Association, I think I 
might say that the fair would be the largest ever held. There 
is one common interest, and the idea would be to have the 
largest display of butter and cheese ever seen in the United 
States; I shall do my duty to make it so. 
CoL R P. McGlincy, secretary Elgin Board of Trade, El- 
gin, Illinois - My opinion is that the Elgin Board of Trade 
would make a grand exhibit of butter and cheese. The Ili- 
nois Dairymen's Association, of which I am secretary, meets 
in December next, and I do not know as I shall be able to 
change the date of the meeting should you decide to hold 
this dairy fair in December. I think the different associa- 
tions will all work together, and make the largest display of 
butter and cheese ever seen in the northwest, if not in the 
C. I. Beach, president Wisconsin Dairymen's Association 
- I can see no reason why we should not hold as successful a 
dairy fair, as was ever held, if we all take hold of it in earnest; 
we certainly have the butter and cheese, and it only needs 
bringing out to make a successful fair. 
Chester Hazen, Brandon, Wisconsin - Our dairy interests 
in the northwest are becoming among the largest interests 
we have, and should be looked after more carefully. The 
fair would no doubt be well patronized by dairymen gener- 
ally. We patronized the eastern dairy fair, and no doubt 
eastern dairymen would come here to compare their pro- 
ducts with ours. We can certainly make it a grand success 
if we undertake it. 
W. W. Ingram, Chicago -I can see no reason why you 
cannot have a successful fair. It seems to me that you have 
all the facilities for a successful exhibition of dairy products; 
all you need is organization and unitedwork. No doubtthe 

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