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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Tenth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Sheboygan, Wis., January 11-13, 1882. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Morrison, W. H.
Southern Wisconsin dairy board of trade,   pp. 132-133 PDF (379.7 KB)

McGlincy, R. P.
Annual report of the Elgin board of trade,   pp. 133-135 PDF (588.2 KB)

Page 133

RLemx BoARD or TnADz. 
The .les that were reported the past year were as follows: But- 
ter, two hundred and ifty-six thousand seven hundred. and eighty- 
eight pounds, $8,008; cheese, four hundred and twenty-four 
thousand pounds, -$4,786; making the total males for the first year's 
existence of the board some over $100,000. Probably not over 
one-half of the sles made by the membership were reported. It 
is perfectly safe to estimate that if all the dairy products of the 
oountry were disposed of through the board that there would be a 
gain annually of $50,000, that otherwise goes into the hands of 
Sale day every other Wednesday. 
W. H. M!ORIsoN, 
The year that has just closed has been one of prosperity to 
dairymen, as well as to those engaged in other pursuits, and a re- 
view of the transactions on the Elgin Board of Trade during the 
year 1881 shows a larger volume of business than was ever before 
done. The prices have been well maintained, and the products 
have been sold off closer than usual. Several booms were expe- 
rienced during the year, of greater or less duration, but the steadi- 
nes with which prices were adhered to, and the general desire on 
the pat of manufcturers to sell their goods when there were buy- 
ers present, added largely to the aggregates, and thus shows the 
general extent of the business. 
The year 1881 opened with a very much larger amount of cheese 
in the hands of factorymen than they held at the close, with prices 
raer lewer for the season. At the first meeting in January sales 
of ebheo  were made st eveyn and nnA.half to Fal-t 16   .ith . 
probable average of seven and three quarter cents per pound. 
The price of butter held steadily through the month at thirty- 
two cents, with light regular sales, apparently indicating that the 
demand was not very good. One reason for this may be found in 
the fact that so much fraudulent stuff was being put upon the 
market elsewhere that the sales of genuine butter were restricted. 
Cheese took an upward tendency about the middle of the month, 
and so continued until the 10th of May, when prices again receded. 
10-W. A. 

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