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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Tenth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Sheboygan, Wis., January 11-13, 1882. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Henry, W. A.
Dairy experiments at the experimental farm, Madison, Wis.,   pp. 43-60 PDF (3.3 MB)

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tablish the fact that cows which eat smut in large quantities are 
liable to die suddenly and without warning. 
It is quite evident, too, that smut is not an active poison in mod- 
erate quantities. It seems to me the principal danger from this 
cause lies in turning cattle into stalk fields, where they ofter gorge 
themselves with dry, indigestible corn fodder and smut. It may be 
that an unnatural desire is created for this improper food by certain 
animals in the herd. 
Prof. Gamgee recommends for animals sick from. this cause some 
purgative, as a pound of Epsom salts or a pint of linseed oil for a 
grown animal, and to induce the animal to drink water as soon as 
The following experiment is one of a series devised for the pur- 
pose of ascertaining the value of sweet skim milk, which has be- 
come a by-product of considerable importance in the districts 
where the creamery system of butter making is practiced. While 
this milk is generally recognized as of considerable value, there is 
quite a diversity of opinion regarding it. In this initial experi- 
ment an attempt was made to find in units of corn meal the value 
of such milk when each was fed alone. Accordingly two lots of 
pigs with two in each lot were placed in comfortable pens and 
allowed all the food thev would eat without wasting it; the pigs 
were good Poland-Chinas, not high bred, all from one litter, and 
eighty-six days old when experiment began. They had been 
allowed the run of a small lot up to the time of the experiment. 
During the experiment each lot was weighed at the same hour of 
the day each time and before feeding. Lot No. 1 was fed sweet 
skim milk twice a day, and fresh cut clover was placed in a rack 
for them, as I feared they might not thrive on milk alone. The 
skim milk was from the Cooley creamer set with ice. It was 
analyzed by Mr. Swenson, August 5, with the following result: 
Fat, 0Oil per cent  Sugar, 4.39 per cenL  Clasein, 6.01 per cent 

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