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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Tenth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Sheboygan, Wis., January 11-13, 1882. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Torrey, R. D.
Response to address of welcome,   pp. 17-18 PDF (424.2 KB)

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By Hon. RX D. TOEtRzy, Milwaukee. 
Xr. Mayor:-The pleasant duty, devolves upon me of accepting 
the welcome just given by you to the members of this convention 
as the chief executive of this beautiful, thriving city, and thank 
you for the sincerity with which you have extended its hospitali- 
ties to the members and friends of the Wisconsin Dairymen's 
Association on this occasion. The value of the courtesies and wel- 
comes of life depends mainly on the sincerity with which they are 
extended. Often we find ourselves welcomed by the convention- 
alities and forms of the world to a cold and cheerless kind of 
reality, so that we come almost unconsciously to dread to be wel- 
coied, preferring to take our chance in the good old-fashioned 
way of making ourselves at home. But when, as now, there comes 
to us courtesy in so marked a degree, and welcome so sincerely ex- 
tended, it is with more than ordinary pleasure we say that we thank 
you for your words of greeting and encouragement The society 
under whose auspices this convention is held, has for its member- 
ship many of the best men of the state, representative men of that 
better class of farmers who are not content with the achievements 
acd improvements of our yesterday, but who are ever watchful for 
and desirous to attain to the highest degree of excellence in the 
dairy branch of farm husbandry. These men represent a class 
whose product goes very far towards making up the wealth of the 
nation. They represent a class who by their patient effort, guided 
by intelligent application, have developed Wisconsin as one of the 
best dairy states in the Union, and made the song of the dairymaid 
the popular one of the land, and in doing so hive become a terror 
to manufacturers and dealers in oleomargarine, buttering, and other 
vile compounds of evil-doers. Through the energy of these men 
the quality of the product of the Wisconsin dairy has reached that 
point of excellence that eastern buyers not only want our butter 
and cheese at fair rates, but want it branded from Wisconsin, and 
take particular pains to let their trade know that it is from this 
state, and doubtless much more butter and cheese are sold in the 
eastern market by eastern men as Wisconsin make than is made in 
the state, thus succeeding under the well earned laurels of our own 
Badger State. 

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