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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Tenth annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Sheboygan, Wis., January 11-13, 1882. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays relating to the dairy interests

Seaman, Wm. H.
[Address of welcome],   pp. 15-16 PDF (382.1 KB)

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genee, skill and integrity. In this line Wisconsin has taken front 
rank, and we of Sheboygan county are proud of our position in 
Wisoonsin's advance. This development is largely due to the work 
of your organization. Through your meetings in discussion and 
interchange of views and plans, and competition in results, you 
have infuaed interest and given intelligence and pride to the dairy 
pursuit. Our county has well profited by these teachings, and 
has also proved a worthy contributor to your membership and in- 
This season of your meeting is the one best adapted to your time 
and purposes. When our city is at its best, in the summer time, 
you have other and practical work on hand. Could you be with a 
then, you would find all nature aisting to make your visit pleas- 
saL  Grand old Lake Michigan -now so sombre and uninviting 
in appearance -would then be smiling you a welcome, in accord 
with uo. Leaving the heat and dust of your homes in the interior, 
you would find here the cool, refreshing air which makes Sheboygan 
so desirable as a summer resort. 
Without these aids. however, if you have the time, we will gladly 
show you some interesting evidences of enterprise in our people; 
some tokens that we have not rested simply upon what nature had 
given to our location. We have here three unrivalled chair fao- 
tories, whose joint productions are annually 850,000 ohairs of 
varied styles, being nearly five manufactured every minute of 
working time; tanneries, aggregating in the value of their produc- 
tions much more than chair factories; furniture manufactories, iron 
enameling works, foundries, breweries, and many other industrial 
establishments. Then, too, we have an artesian well, bored to the 
depth of 1,475 feet, flowing a great volume of water, utilized with 
pipes and hydrants for purposes of a fire department, and also 
greatly esteemed for the medicinalproperties of the water; if you 
will taste it you can vouch for its goodness - as a medicine. 
I mention these objects of interest, because the Sheboygander 
is modest and not given to trumpeting our titles to fame, and you 
might not otherwise have heard of them. 
Permit mesgain to bid you welcome, and to express the wish of 
all that you may have pleasure and profit in- this meeting, and we 
bespeak for you a good attendance and earnest, intelligent oo-oper- 
ation from the dairymen of Sheboygan county. 

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