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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Report of the resolutions committee,   pp. 81-85 PDF (1.1 MB)

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penditures would be directed by the Department of Markets and I
suspect it will make of your association a section of the Department
of Markets. Perhaps I am wrong but I offer it for your consideration.
MIL MULzY: Mr. Chairman, I can't agree with Mr. Sammis in
that respect We are a sort of grandchild of the state and have been
for 43 years. They have been appropriating funds to finance our ex-
istence and Mr. Sammis has warned us repeatedly that we are in dan-
ger of losing those funds and here we are asking the industry itself
to finance this organization by increasing that license fee one dollar.
Maybe I am not a lawyer, maybe it will take an act of the legislature
to justify the collection of that dollar. However, I believe that the
Department of Markets probably could justify that action by a ruling.
I don't know, we probably have attorneys that could satisfy that ques-
tion for us but as far as the resolution is concerned it is a nice way of
getting the uniform support of the cheese makers for this association
and if we go on record as being in favor of that movement, we then
have something to work on. It will be by the legislature or through
the department or through a ruling.
Moved and seconded that we adopt resolution number five. (Motion
Reaolved, The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association does endorse
the Dairy Promotion work of the Department of Agriculture and Mar-
kets as a commendable effort and recommends its furtherance.
Be it Further Resolved, That we heartily endorse the plan, which
has been outlined to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and
Markets, proposing a good will and cheese publicity airplane tour of
the United States.
MR. DEBUHR: Mr. President, I move this resolution be adopted.
Motion seconded and carried.
WmuAS, The Cheese industry has received much favorable publi-
city through the efforts put forth by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers
Publicity Association.
Be it Resolved, That the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association
manifest its endorsement of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Publicity
Association by urging their members to support this worth while
MR. MuIoy: Mr. Chairman, I certainly move for its adoption.
Motion seconded and carried.
WE    ias, Many of the basic agricultural commodities have and will
continue in 1985 a production control program, and
WunARs Dairying although also a basic commodity has no such

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