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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Steadman, G. E.
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Page 76

Mr. President, Fellows and Women: I made a special trip up here
from an assignment in Detroit because I wanted to have the pleasure
of meeting the gang that has forced my wife to buy 90 pounds of
cheese a year.
This noon I had lunch with Leonard and two or three of the boys
and had one of the most delicious deserts I ever had, prune whip and
some natural cheese. So I got started off well in the old state that is
my own.
You have some great opportunities and you have some unpleasant
conditions under which you are laboring, but you can correct them.
I happen to be identified with modern conveniences such as Maytag
and a number of others who are set up in a big national way to serve
the American housewife, and we have to know what is going on in the
home. And we know that today there is a greater story back of the
home life. How many of us in 1929 were getting all our pleasure out-
side of the home? How many people are now starting new home life
themselves, and in doing that and creating new eating habits.
Take calcium-I haven't time to talk about this, but you do this.
Read what the effect of organic calcium is on health and if you know,
and if every woman in America had some knowledge of that, she
would go for cheese in a big way.
Now I want to tell you one more story. Two or three weeks ago I
read of a shipwreck in South American waters. This ship had been
drifting for days with its sails down and its rudder gone, and the crew
was famished and dying for want of water. They skimmed the hori-
zon for a rescue ship, at last they found it and their first yell was, for
God's sake, give us some water, and the rescue ship came back to re-
ply, well, throw your bucket over the side of your boat, you are in the
mouth of the Amazon, and there is fresh water for a hundred miles
around you.
You are talking about over-production. You are worrying about 17
million pounds of over-production. I dare say to you as a marketing
expert that all around you today, all around you there is fresh water,
the thing that you have been waiting for, and the only trouble is that
you are too wise to create a co-ordinated progressive interest in the
community to grab hold of it and save you and this great industry
that means so much to Wisconsin and its buying power.
Now I came up here to do you a service, to be of help, that is the
only thing I am trying to do. I made a special trip up here away from
a busy assignment, and I have to go back tonight. I don't believe you
want me to throw you any bouquets. I will lay the cards on the table
and say that in my young life I have attempted in eight different in-
stances to help create a community of interest in a large associational
group like this towards a movement that ought to be more aware of

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