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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Plan, progress and prospects of the publicity ass'n,   p. 75 PDF (243.4 KB)

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Ma MuLoy: Mr. Chairman, I see on your program here you have
got me scheduled for the Plan, Progress and Prospects of the Wiscon-
sin Cheese Makers Publicity Association. Naturally I feel that that
probably calls for a little explanation from me as the head of that
organization, and since Mr. Leonard has kind of brought this subject
to the front, I prefer to handle that topic now than to wait until after
the election of the officers, if it is agreeable to you and the assemblage.
PRESIDENT WHITING: It is surely agreeable, we had that in mind
and it is satisfactory.
MIL MuHoy: You know this subject here, Plans, Progress and
Prospects of Cheese Makers Publicity Association would keep me go-
ing from now until breakfast time and I don't want to talk to you
that long, and I know you don't want to listen to me that long, so I
am going to just say this about the plan. I believe most everybody in
this audience knows considerable today about the plans of the pub-
licity association. We plan in short to do just exactly as those prune
people did in California, make them eat more cheese. And thereby let
the good old law of supply and demand function which will be reflect-
ed in better price for our product.
Now then, as far as the progress is concerned, I want to say this:
we have made plenty of progress and as one little evidence of that fact
and as evidence also of the support that this movement has been re-
ceiving, yesterday morning a car was driven out to my place and pre-
sented to me by the publicity association. That car was donated by
our friends, the Marschall Dairy Laboratory, for the purpose of expe-
diting the work of building this movement. That is just one little sam-
ple of the progress we are making.
Now as to the prospects, why your guess is as good as mine on that.
You know we are only consuming about 4% pounds of cheese per
capita and if we can increase that per capita consumption just one
pound, we clean out our surplus and create a demand for an additional
one hundred million pounds of cheese.
I am not going to talk any more on this because I have been fortu-
nate enough to make arrangements with one other to talk just a few
minutes to you on the plans of the movement. I am here as a member
of the cheese makers association today and I feel that it would be far
better to bring in someone that would give you a far better picture in
a brief time of the plans and the prospects than I could hope to give
and that someone is no one other than G. E. Steadman of Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. He is doing all our research and market planning for
the Krammer Krasselt Agency in Milwaukee, who is the authorized
agency for the publicity association. Mr. Steadman is intimately
identified in fabricating marketing organizations of many of our out-
standing industrial successes and without any more ado I am going
to take pleasure in introducing to you Mr. G. E. Steadman.

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