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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sammis, J. L.
Secretary's progress report,   pp. 67-70 PDF (964.5 KB)

Page 69

FORTY-THIRD ANNUAL CONVENTION                  69     1
of the legislature wiped them out. They asked me twenty times why
under the sun a 43 year old association like ours couldn't pay its own
bills and why we still had to ask for a six hundred dollars a year ap-  I
propriation from the state.
It happened that the Governor vetoed the cut last year and so we
did get the six hundred dollars. With all the depression and necessary
relief I think the legislature will cut it off this year. So you have to
raise eighteen hundred dollars over and above what you have raised  *
before if you want to continue this work as in the past. That is en-
tirely up to you. I don't want to influence you in any way.
There has been considerable discussion as to how to raise more
money. I had hoped it could be planned last night, but it was not done.
There have been two main ways proposed. We hoped we would have
a big attendance here this year. The treasurer downstairs tells me
there are only 430 tickets sold. That is a little less than last year.  .
It seems that the novelty of coming here has worn off, or for some  1
reason there are no more people here now than last year, when we had
a strike and a blizzard. We cannot depend upon a big attendance to  U
raise more money, at $1.00 apiece. If you want to raise twelve hun-
dred dollars more than you ever did before by membership fees that
means you have got to add about three dollars to your membership
fees. That would mean that your membership fee for next year would  .
be four dollars.                                                 1
I was in hopes you would have six hundred people here but you
haven't them even with the best of weather and everything else. If we  u
could figure on six hundred people that would be only two dollars a
piece. One way to raise the money is to vote here to raise your mem-
bership dues for next year to something higher than it is now. You
paid one dollar this year. To raise twelve hundred dollars more you  *
have to add three dollars to it.                                 1
The butter makers pay twelve dollars a year in their association
and you have been paying one dollar. It is a kind of a shock to you to  ^
tell you such a thing, but we get shocks all through life and usually
we are better off after the shock than before.
There is another proposal, and that is to ask the branches to raise
the money. There are, we will say, twenty-five good, strong, active  -
branches that are able to raise money. They have equal earning pow-
er whether their membership is large or small. Any branch can ap-
point a committee of three members on a dance committee and pull
off two or three or four dances and raise two or three or four hundred
dollars. One association has made over eight hundred dollars by their
activities. There are very few associations who haven't raised money
this way. It is an easy way and you can get a committee of three out  --
of any branch. Whether they are large or small, they all have equal
earning power.                                                   1
Suppose then that to raise twelve hundred dollars out of twenty-
four branches we ask them to contribute their share, which would be
$50 a year from a branch, out of their earnings. There are two ways
proposed to raise money. I suppose that you are ready perhaps to dis-

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