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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Broughton, C. E.
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more, than the brewery product. If we had attractive signs advertis-
ing natural cheese the thousands and thousands of tourists that come
here would be cheese-minded when they left the state.
Friends, you have in this state upwards of 2500 cheese factories.
Everyone of those factories is fighting for an existence. Some of them
have closed in the last few years. Some of them have closed perhaps
because of the depression but I venture the statement that in many
of them they have closed because of a lack of enough milk to make it
profitable to manufacture cheese in that factory, that is, more than
2500 cheese factories have patrons running way up into the thou-
sands. You take that army and unite it, put it together, the cheese
factory man and the patron and let them stand for the commodity
which they are manufacturing and in which they are interested, and
you can sweep the nation.
I know you have got to advertise, you have got to let them know
but here we have thousands of tourists coming in every year and not
a sign on the highway calling attention to the fact that this state pro-
duces more cheese than any other state in the Union. Are you going
to stand idly by and see those prospective customers come in and go
out to some other state, or are you going to give them an opportunity
through signs and judicious advertising to know that here they can
get the finest product of natural cheese that there is in the country?
Friends, in closing let me say, the campaign is over; we have got
two years ahead with one of the finest examples of statesmanship
that ever went to the White House, the President of the United
States. I want you cheese makers and patrons to forget politics in the
next two years. I will forget it, and if there is anybody on the face of
the map of Wisconsin who ought not to forget the last election, it is I.
I will forget it and I will stand four-square back of those who have
been inaugurated or will be inaugurated either as governor or senator
or assemblyman or United States senator or congressman, they are
all a part of this machine for recovery. And let me say to you this
afternoon that if we don't recover in the next two years, we will be
going the way of least resistance. The one stabilizer we have today is
the man that stands four-square half way between the conservatives
on the one hand, and the radicals on the other hand.
We will never turn back the hands of the clock to conservatism in
this country. Those days are gone. We are going to seek a common
level-a level that runs with a highway and its patrons, through and
along the farms and the firesides and the humble homes of our people
of the United States of America.
So I ask you and appeal to you for the next two years, get back of
that recovery program that the president of the United States has
inaugurated, a program, my friends, that may have flaws. Here and
there may be some cog in the machine that will not work. There have
always been those cogs. You have had to replace them from time to
time in the machines you have and you use on the farm or in the fac-
tory or in the shop. It won't work 100 per cent but if the American
people will get back of the President and work to that one ultimate

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