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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Carlson, W. G.
Cheese advertising by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and markets,   pp. 52-55 PDF (953.1 KB)

Page 53

know about the posters; you have already received them. I might ten
you that those posters have been very definite vehicles for cheese pro-
motional plans in many localities, in the buying centers of this
I can point out a few. In New Orleans a tremendous Wisconsin
cheese campaign was waged by a large packing company. They asked
for the posters and they wanted the posters, if you please, that said,
"Wisconsin makes the Best". They didn't want the poster
which said,
"Dairy food is good food", because they are running a Wisconsin
paign, and I hoped by this time I would have a report from them as to
some of the results but it has not been forthcoming as yet.
In New York, Pennsylvania and in Oklahoma there have been very
definite moves, the nucleus of which have been some of the material
we have prepared in the department and which have promoted the use
of cheese. Possibly some of you folks have listened to Joe Penner on
the radio Sunday nights now and then. You recall one night in Octo-
ber when the commercial announcements were devoted to bread, but
use cheese with it, and they suggested different ways of doing it. It
cost three cents to get that one letter.
Then we have had the circulars on how to buy cheese. There has
been some 75 thousand of those prepared and they have had a wide
distribution. You have seen the cheese stickers that reached every
corner of the world.
The Wisconsin Restaurant Association at their annual convention
in Madison a short time ago thought very kindly of a resolution set-
ting up one day a week in their member restaurants as a dairy day
and plans are now going forward to furnish them with a series of
menus and recipes in order that they all can properly co-operate with
this movement.
You have seen the articles in McCall's or read of them by Mrs.
Mortenson at the Extension College at Madison. If you haven't seen
them, try to get hold of them, in the September and October issues of
McCall's. There is a cheese story and one that is making cheese a
Now you remember we had our Milk-Land festival at State Fair.
This was a vehicle to aid in this promotional work. We distributed
some 36 million ballots throughout the state in the queen contests that
were conducted in some 30 odd cities in the selection of a queen. Our
queen was selected and she appeared at the State Fair and appeared
subsequently at many places. I had luncheon with her and her party
in Milwaukee the day before yesterday upon their return from Wash-
ington and here is what happened in Washington. For the first time
in the history of the White House, food came in the front door and
that food was Wisconsin dairy food, cheese and butter. And on the
front pages of the major Washington newspapers appeared not only
the photographs but the stories of the Wisconsin dairy queen who had
been chosen at the Wisconsin State Fair, and how she brought these
splendid dairy products to the White House. It is very strange to
note that the stories and the headings all implied that the best cheese

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