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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Jackson, H. C.
The University of Wisconsin Dairy Department,   pp. 43-46 PDF (931.2 KB)

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to an industry. However, the discovery which may seem to have no
practical application today may tomorrow be utilized to cope with
some new problem.
We feel that research work is the foundation on which we should
build our teaching and extension programs. Research work is not con-
fined alone to the seeking out of new information concerning a partic-
ular process, but may include the searching out of better ways of pre-
senting it in the classroom and in extension service information already
available. To be of greatest value scientific knowledge must be pre-
sented to the layman in the industry in a usable form. At this time I
would like to pay tribute to the late Professor E. H. Farrington, my
predecessor, who had unusual ability in systematizing scientific infor-
mation and making it available to members of the industry and in
utilizing such knowledge in developing practical tests that could be
employed in plant operations.
During the past few years a number of research problems have en-
gaged the attention of the department. The results that have been ob-
tained are printed in the Annual Report of the Experiment Station,
in bulletins, or in scientific journals. Time will not permit a detailed
account of each experimental project and the results that are being
found. Following are some of the problems that have been studied:
The Effect of Standardization upon the Yield and Quality of Ameri-
can Cheddar Cheese; The Development of Acidity in the Manufacture
of American Cheddar Cheese; A Study of Methods of Packaging or
Otherwise Preparing Natural Cheese for the Retail Market; Factors
Affecting the Freezing Point of Cheese; The Composition of Cheese
Spreads; Investigation of New Cultures for Use in Cheesemaking
with Special Reference to Brick and Swiss Cheese; a Study of Meth-
ods of Manufacturing Brick Cheese; A Study of Improved Methods
of Making Cream Cheese; Gassy Fermentation in Cream Cheese; A
Study of Soft Unripened Cheese; Some Investigations Covering the
Effect of Mastitis on the Quality of American Cheese; and A Study of
the Composition of Swiss Cheese in Southern Wisconsin.
In order to be of utmost service the department has made provision
for the needs of all classes of students so that it may be said truly
that anyone in the state of Wisconsin wishing to get instruction in
any branch of dairying may do so through the different courses
For those who can spend a relatively long period of time in study-
ing at the University, a four year and two year course are offered. In
these two courses a student has the opportunity of getting, in addition
to the training in dairy manufacturing, instruction in the funda-
mental sciences of Physics, Mathematics, Bacteriology, and Chemistry.
The schedule is quite flexible and if a student desires training in busi-
ness or engineering, suitable arrangements can be made to accomplish
this purpose.

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