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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Jackson, H. C.
The University of Wisconsin Dairy Department,   pp. 43-46 PDF (931.2 KB)

Page 43

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Whiting stated we ought to be getting
on with our program. We are having some fine talks following this
one I am going to give, and so I will make my talk short. I have jot-
ted down some things that I wanted to say and I know you will bear
with me if I follow my notes rather closely.
Your Secretary has asked me to tell you about the work of the
Dairy Department of the University of Wisconsin. It is a pleasure for
me to do this, first, because I know that you are interested in what
the department is doing, and that many of you have taken courses
of study conducted by the department, either at Madison or at other
places in the state, and, second because I am so interested in our work
and feel that I have something to talk about.
In the first place I want to stress the idea that the members of our
department look upon our Dairy School as a service organization. Dr.
Glenn Frank, the president of our University, in stressing this idea
of service to the state, has preferred to refer to our University as the
University of Wisconsin, not a University in Wisconsin. In like man-
ner, we hope that you will think of our department as the Dairy
School of Wisconsin, not a Dairy School in Wisconsin. This ideal of
service, which our President has envisaged in his statements concern-
ing the function of the University, namely, that it should render the
utmost service to the citizens of the state by maintaining a close con-
tact with them and by appreciating fully their problems, has ever
been the ideal of the Dairy School staff. Always we have maintained a
close contact with the cheese makers of the state, both individually
and collectively, through the State Cheese Makers Association. We
have welcomed this opportunity of working with you and the produc-
ers in advancing the welfare of this important branch of the dairy
During the past seven years this service has been extended by in-
creasing the personnel engaged in the cheese making branch of the
industry. The entire time of three members of our staff is devoted to
cheese making.
In the main the activities of the school may be classified into three
divisions: research, teaching and extension. At this time I will men-
tion briefly what we are doing along these three lines of activities as
applied to the cheese industry.
Progress is made in an industry when the findings of the experi-
mentalists are translated into practical plant practice. Constantly
new information is being uncovered, both by the research worker in
the laboratory and the maker in the factory. Not all of the results
obtained in a research laboratory may be of immediate benefit or use

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