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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Slater, E. K.
1934 quality improvement plan of butter makers' associations,   pp. 30-37 PDF (1.9 MB)

Curing cheese at the factory. Curing room construction,   pp. 37-41 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 37

I would agree with that sort of a definition, and I think those are
the very things we should strive for.
You don't have to leave the cheese making business to succeed, but
if you can, while making a success of that, use it as a stepping stone
to something better, you are surely justified in doing so.
Things come easier as a man succeeds. The man who starts out to
build a fortune finds that the first thousand is hardest to get. Like-
wise, the man who strives for the respect and confidence of his friends
finds that the job becomes easier as he goes along. Confidence begets
confidence and you build as you go along. You can build a reputation
for honesty and integrity or you can build the other kind.
Do these things and you will not have to worry about eventually
getting your reward. Opportunities will be laid at your feet. They
will come in various forms, but they will come.
The biggest one of all is right before each one of you now. That is
the opportunity to do whatever you are doing in a way that leads to
progress. Let each day bring improvement-improvement in efficiency
and improvement in character. The others will follow. Thank you.
Discussion Led by STEVE SUIDZINSKI, H. H. SoLiz and Others
PRESDENT: Is Steve Suidzinski or H. H. Solie here? Is there any-
one else here that has experience with curing room construction or
cooling systems?
Mm. WRENSCH: Ladies and Gentlemen: A couple of years ago I
had a little trouble with wet cheese. My curing room was in the
basement, and I had a hard time to get a good rind on cheese, so I
put in a Kelvinator system, about 10 by 16, not a very big outfit, but
it works very well in getting the cheese dry. Inside of two days there
is a good rind on it. I have four inch walls consisting of rock cork
which do not cost so much to install. Possibly you can do it yourself,
if you investigate how it is done. The cost of the whole outfit is
$1400. The curing room alone cost me about $300 and a one horse
Kelvinator unit cost me about $1100. Of course, this was all put in
by contract. I could have made a little saving if I had done some of
this work myself. It dries the cheese off very rapidly and keeps the
temperature about fifty and it holds your cheese as well as any other
storage. If I had to put this unit in again I would install a little
larger one and make the curing room about 16 by 25, but one always
builds a little too small when he builds the first time. So the experi-
ence I have had with this worked out pretty well so far. If any of you
want to ask any question on this maybe I can answer.
M& MULLOY: Do you paraffin your own cheese?
MR. WRENBCH: Yes, I have a tank, I can paraffin if I want to.
Smcn=rAz' SAmMIs: Mr. Wrensch, what time of the year do you
find this outfit the most useful?
MI. WRENSCH: In hot weather is when it gives the best results,
and it comes in pretty handy. This is quite an advantage when you
have a slight gas on your cheese. You can keep down the gas from the
start. By putting it in the cooler and drying it off you can save a
good deal and you get quite an advantage that way. Of course, to get
good milk in the intake will be the next step.

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