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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Election of officers,   pp. 70-71 PDF (433.1 KB)

Committee on code,   pp. 71-72 PDF (430.9 KB)

Page 71

T=n PMMwmT: All in favor of this motion say aye.
Motion carried.
CHADmAN: For director, M. M. Schaetzel of Athens, Wisconsin,
and John Peters of Plymouth.
THn PR=DurN      There are two directors whose terms of office
have expired, Mr. Schaetzel and Mr. Peters. Are there any other
MaR. SCHwANT: I move that we suspend the rules and that the
secretary be instructed to cast the unanimous ballot for Mr. Peters
and Mr. Schaetzel for director for the ensuing three years. Motion
seconded and carried.
CLAMUN: We have one more nomination for director and that
is Steve Suidzinski from Denmark.
THE PRAwzN: Are there any other nominations?
A M1     : I move that the rules be suspended and the secretary
cast the unanimous ballot for Mr. Suidzinski of Denmark as director
to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Whiting. Motion seconded and
MR. Mllwy: I was wondering whether we shouldn't make it a
special order of business to see what the convention wants to do about
a committee to work on the new code.
THrE PMRVNT: If the convention feels a committee should be
appointed, I feel it is proper to vote on it at this time, and that the
board be instructed to appoint a committee to work with the National
Cheese Industry, to act on the cheese code.
Ma. MALat: Mr. President, I make a motion that the president
appoint a committee of three.
Motion seconded.
Tuz SrncAra:     Mr. Chairman, this proposition came along
through Mr. Mooney from Washington as a request for a committee,
so that if they want to ask the cheese makers something they would
have a way and place to send a question and they hope to get a
prompt answer. They thought we were organized well enough to give
them a prompt answer when they asked for it and so if some question
or other comes along that a small committee can answer, I suppose
they will answer it, but if they feel in doubt about it they will prob-
ably want to have the question put in one of these news letters and
sent out very promptly to all the branches of the state and with the
hope they will hold a meeting right away and express their views on
the matter. At any rate, I think something ought to be done about
it in response to the request that has come through Mr. Mooney from
MR. DAvs: Mr. Chairman, in the event Mr. Mooney will get a
communication from the headquarters at Washington for an answer
to certain questions-he at once gets on the telephone with the vari-

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