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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sammis, J. L.G788
Secretary's report of progress,   pp. 64-67 PDF (977.6 KB)

Page 65

I feel sure that many cheese makers out in the state who in past
years felt a little interest in the matter of getting organized have
learned the advantages of getting together from the presence of a
local county association in their midst, and have come to join in with
us and are here today as the fruit of the work of the association dur-
ing the past two years.
Another line of progress lies in the distribution of legislative bills
and news letters. With all of these children living around in dif-
ferent parts of the state it is natural that they would want to hear
from each other, and as they have a good many common interests
and some special separate interests, it would be unfortunate if this
large family wouldn't have a good, easy means of communication
among themselves. To provide for that, two years ago this associa-
tion approved the general plan of sending out news letters about
twice a month to all the branches which asked for them, to all the
members that wanted them. The news letter contains a brief account
of what the other associations have been doing in the last two or
three weeks, what they have been talking about and voting on, what
they have accomplished, what plans they have, how much money they
made in their dances, and what time they had at their picnic, their
activities in general-so that each branch might learn from the letter
the experience of the other branches.
Also along with these letters were sent out legislative bills, printed
copies of the legislative bills during the session of the legislature.
Those two things, the bills and the letters go together in the same
series. I want to tell you that ten thousand copies of bills and letters
have been mailed out during the past year. Every one of the ten
thousand is in an envelope addressed and stamped at the lowest
postage rates available, usually one cent postage and with a large
number to be printed the expense for each is at a minimum. This is
the second piece of progress.
I might add that anybody who is interested in receiving these copies
of legislative bills during the sessions of the legislature and in getting
the news letters about twice a month, has simply to write to the asso-
ciation secretary and send along a dollar and he will receive a dollar's
worth, which if they cost two cents a piece, would be about 50 letters,
which being twice a month ought to last for quite some time. Of
course, during the period of the legislature they come thicker and
faster and so the money is used up a little faster.
Now then, with this in view I am going to suggest that you pass
right along to the next number on the program in which I hope to
get an expression of your opinion. This is the one place to find out
and get more information than any other place that I know of, from
the members of the association.
Shall the system of branches and monthly meetings be continued
and extended to other counties where requested by makers during the
coming year? Now, I suggest somebody make a motion about that
and we will take a vote and see what it sound like. I haven't ase
anybody to make a motion. Anybody that feels like it can make it,

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