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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Graf, A. H.
President's annual address, 1933,   pp. 63-64 PDF (471.3 KB)

Sammis, J. L.G788
Secretary's report of progress,   pp. 64-67 PDF (977.6 KB)

Page 64

consumption of cheese and do away with this surplus that is at the
present time hanging over our heads. During this week we should
make a concerted effort to get the people to eat more cheese through
putting on an educational as well as an advertising campaign. And
we should also not forget to make it a point to not forget to have
cheese on our own table during that time at least if we do not do it
otherwise. We must make a cheese that the people want, and sell
them a cheese that they will want again in the future. This cheese
must be aged and have a nice appearance if we expect to get repeat
orders. Let's all work together on this cheese week and let's see if
we can't get the consumption of cheese per capita up to where it be-
longs in the United States.
In closing I wish to say that I am not a candidate for reelection
because my business demands all of my time. I cannot do justice to
both my business and the association affairs. I have enjoyed working
with the officers and members and wish to thank you all for your co-
operation and good will. Even though I cannot again serve as your
president I shall at all times be interested in the welfare of the asso-
ciation. I thank you.
THE SEcRErARY: Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends: The progress
of this association lies in your own keeping. If you as an individual
have made progress, then the association has progressed. If every
one of you separately, or collectively in small groups have made prog-
ress, then the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association as a large group
has made progress this year.
The progress made by your association during the past year has
consisted mostly in the organization of county branches throughout
the state. There are 27 of them represented on this map. There is
room for more. The presence of these branches of this association
puts upon us some responsibility. You recommended that they start.
You gave them a boost in getting started. They are in a way the
children of this association. They are not over two years old. And
we the forty year old association, the parent, should perhaps look for-
ward to having a somewhat larger family, a good old-fashioned fam-
ily. There are only twenty-seven children but there is room for a
half dozen more on this map.
Also, these children should grow in their early years, and the parent
association should look after them somewhat and give them a helping
hand now and then, a few suggestions, because as the children grow
so the family prospers. I wonder how many of you here today be-
long to some one of these branches. Would you just hold up your
hands for a minute and let's all see. Look around, folks, and see all
the hands. Our branches have contributed considerably to the at-
tendance of this convention.

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