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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sammis, J. L.
Financial report of the secretary,   pp. 20-26 PDF (1.6 MB)

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one dollar. Those are suggestions. Another thing to think about is
this: twenty-seven branches have been organized in two years. The
twenty-seven branches have never been asked to pay one cent of ex-
pense connected with that organization work. This state organiza-
tion has paid for the postals to call their first meeting. The branch
paid nothing for somebody to come out and organize them. The
branch paid nothing when we went to attend their meetings on their
request. If a branch is worth having, is it possible that a branch
might proceed to raise some money either by charging the members
one dollar a piece, or by giving entertainment or dances or one thing
and another, so as to raise one dollar a piece for each member and
pay that into the state association as their contribution in return for
the services they have received and should receive and will receive.
Now, this whole matter is nothing to get excited about. It is
something to think about and consider. It is the matter of laying
out your future, what you would like to do. You might drop your
branches, and organize no more, you might stop all your news letters.
If you want the news letters to continue throughout the rest of the
coming year and into January 1935, when the legislature meets, I
presume you will have to have a secretary on the job who sends those
out every two weeks. In case you want to drop the news letters from
now on, it will be a very simple matter to refund to each of the
branches who have already paid in their money for news letters for
the coming year.
Several of the branches, I might say, have already given dances and
raised money and paid in cash one dollar a member in order that every
single member of the branch might receive all the news letters and all
the legislative bills from now on for the next year. The money is in
the treasury. They have paid it in. I am not urging you to do any-
thing. The modern way of doing things is to do what the membership
wants. The only thing I suggest is various alternatives, one or the
other, merely to bring it to your minds and let you decide what you
want to have done.
I think that covers the financial situation at the present time. The
question has come to a head, and been put to you very forcibly as a
result of the action of the legislature and the university this year.
If I have omitted any essential details I will be glad to supply them.
However, that is the financial report for the present moment. Thank
THE PRUIDENT: Are there any questions any one wishes to ask
Professor Sammis?
THE SECRETARY: Mr. Chairman, those of you who will look at the
program will find that tomorrow there is an opportunity on the pro-
gram to take a vote on these subjects. Two years ago we voted to
start having branches. Last year we took a vote at the convention
and voted to continue. Tomorrow the questions asked on the pro-
gram are: Shall the work with the county branches be continued?
Shall the system of branch and monthly meetings be continued and

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