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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sammis, J. L.
Financial report of the secretary,   pp. 20-26 PDF (1.6 MB)

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take no part in it. About five or six hundred cheese makers are the
real live backbone of this association and the job is to get the other
fifteen hundred into membership.
In every county you can measure your success by the number of
new members you have received in the last year. Figure it out for
yourself. You have made a good start and got along nicely and had
some good meetings, but maybe some of you just barely held your own
as to membership. But if you do real work, and get next to that fel-
low out in the country, and treat him like a man and a brother, you
can bring him in and try to make him what he ought to be, and the re-
sult is that your membership roll grows. If you want all this to go
on in the coming years, we will say next year, then it will be necessary
to vote here, to instruct the board of directors to appropriate seven or
eight hundred dollars or as much as is necessary to pay the traveling
expenses from April to November, 1934. Then you should look for-
ward and plan what other changes shall be made.
What shall the membership fees be next year? Here is another
fact. The expense of running the cheese exhibit, handling the cheese,
unpacking them, checking them, judging them, scoring them and
awarding prizes amounts to more than the one dollar exhibit fee you
pay in. Some people say, "I pay a dollar for a cheese score."
more than a dollar. There is no profit. That exhibit fee doesn't
help this meeting down here. There is no surplus left over. It
makes a bigger cheese exhibit, but there is no cash left over.
That is what the auditing committee found last night when they
went over the books. Now I am going to suggest that you need, in
addition to what you have, something like $2,500 a year. You need
a secretary who will put all his time on it, for half of the year or for
seven or eight months in the year. I am paid for five or sometimes
seven months by the University and there are about six months left.
You will have to pay the salary of your secretary for a good half
year if you want a secretary of that kind, and then you will have to
pay his traveling expenses around the state. If he travels a good deal
and works steadily the expense will come to about $75 or $100 a month
and the whole thing will come to $2500 or maybe $3,000. If you
decide just to take a wild shot at the matter, we will say that with
600 members every man ought to pay five dollars a year for mem-
bership. That might include his exhibit fee, legislative bills, news
letters to every member, and admission to this convention. There
are very few people who don't contribute five dollars a year to a
church, or to a lodge or something of the kind. There isn't much you
can buy for $5.00 a year. Of course, if you don't want anything, you
don't have to pay for anything. That is one suggestion. I am not
advocating that particularly, but these suggestions have come to me.
Some members have said, that everybody should pay a five dollar
Other people say the admission at the door should be two dollars in-
stead of one dollar and the exhibit fee should be two dollars instead of

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