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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association thirty-third annual convention December 10, 11, 12, 1924 assembled in the Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kasper, P. H.
How to make fancy cheese,   pp. 57-60 PDF (1017.0 KB)

Sammis, J. L.
Short course at the dairy school,   pp. 60-62 PDF (752.9 KB)

Page 60

as we can. Appearance is like a good suit of clothes. Appearance
has got to do with quality. That is all.
The President:   Mr. Kasper stay on the platform for a few
minutes. I want to say I think it is a pleasure and also a credit
to the state of Wisconsin and this Association to have Mr. Kasper
in our midst. I have been Mr. Kasper's competitor for many years,
he is one of the best competitors I have ever had in the cheese
business. If you have any questions to ask Mr. Kasper I think he
will be glad to answer them. You can get the benefit of his past
experience which should be of great help to you.
SECRETARY SAMMIS: Mr. Chairman, I believe that many of you;
particularly those in the back of the room, wish you could have been
closer and hear everything that Mr. Kasper said. Many of you
would like to talk to him for half a day, but it would keep him busy
a year if all of you took a turn at that.
Last year we had a course over at the Dairy school for experienced
cheese makers-a four day course and Mr. Kasper came over and
was there for the four days and the men who were there could talk
with him every day and hear what he had to say all day long
and they appreciated it very much. Now that is the best opportu-
nity I know of to get right close to this prize winning business
and learn how to make a real fine cheese. We are planning to do
the same thing again this year during the first week in February at
the Dairy School in Madison. There are no fees or expenses con-
nected with the course, you simply come over there and stay for
the four days or as long as you can and you will meet Mr. Kasper
every day and he will show you how to make cheese and you will
see the other work at the Dairy School and learn any particular
thing you want to learn about starters or testing or anything else,
but I take this opportunity of mentioning this fact to you that in
the first week in February there will be a course for experienced
cheese makers at Madison at the Dairy School. We have about
100 students now at the winter dairy course. At the close of that
course beginning the first week in February on Tuesday morning,
the special course for experienced cheese makers begins. If you
want to come over there at that time we would be glad to have you
write a card and let us know that you are coming so that preparations
can be made for all who attend. As I said before, there is no ex-
pense connected with the course or school, you pay no fees. I feel
that so long as Mr. Kasper is alive and active and still making
cheese we ought to take every advantage of this and learn all we
can from him while he is going good.

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