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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association thirty-third annual convention December 10, 11, 12, 1924 assembled in the Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Donald, John S.
Farm records,   pp. 40-42 PDF (790.7 KB)

Resolutions committee, appointed,   p. 42 PDF (262.8 KB)

Rindt, H. A.
Report of price differential committee,   pp. 42-48 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 42

complimentary copy. Take it up with your patrons and endeavor to
get a local group studying their farm facts so that they will be in a
position to do business like men in other lines of manufacturing.
He must know the facts and until he does know the facts, until he
is satisfied, we are going to have this contention from time to time.
I certainly am very glad to have had the chance to bring this to
your attention and I will stand ready in every way I can to further
the best interests of the state of Wisconsin along dairy lines and
every other line.
MR. OLSON: I would like to know to what extent this work is dis-
seminated in the schools?
MR. DONALD: Schools in very many counties are giving work in
farm records and farm accounts in connection with the arithmetic
work. County superintendents and teachers who are taking up that
work find that it is a great help to pupils when they take up prac-
tical problems that have to do with the farm. Our object, of course,
is to have the books used on the farm. Very often the boy and girl
begin keeping the accounts at school. They are furnished with other
transactions after they leave school. When the parents learn of this
work they are eager to take it up on the farm, and it is being done
in a great many counties.
CHATRMAN: I will appoint a Resolutions committee on the first day
of our convention. That will give us all time enough to draw up our
resolutions and present them to the committee. I am going to ap-
point Senator Bilgrien, Mr. Fred Ubbelohde and Mr. E. L. Aderhold.
H. A. RINDT, Clintonville
Chairman: Last year many of you remember, three of us were
appointed on a committee to see what could be done to induce the
cheese dealer to pay a differential between a fancy cheese and a No. 1.
Well, I circularized the dealers through the State and the most im-
portant dealers in Chicago and St. Louis that bought cheese in Wis-
consin. I got some very favorable reports, and some were not very
favorable, but the majority of the smaller dealers were heartily in
favor of it. Several of the larger dealers were opposed to it-not
exactly opposed to it, but they did not express their opinion on that
petition, so it didn't accomplish very much. But it kicked up some
dust and I feel satisfied that when a man kicks up some dust, it is
noticed anyway. But the result is that the committee could not get
the cooperation of the dealers to work towards that end. The excuses
and reasons that were furnished were mighty mighty poor excuses, but
it seems that there can't anything be accomplished until we get the
dealers to work with us in this direction. Yet we will admit and we
see it coming that we will have to wake up sooner or later.
We are getting to the point in the near future where people can
go to Idaho for cheese and other states where they are introducing

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