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Unity, Wisconsin centennial

Post office,   p. 16

Bank,   pp. 16-18

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The post office was the first public service offered the pioneer families, it
being in the Creed home. It is noted that whenever a new store was established,
the post office was transferred to it and the owner became the postmaster. This
practice continued for many years.
A building was moved to the present site and it became the post office. D.
K. Hall was the first postmaster in the new office. E. L. Messer was appointed to
the office in 1910 and served until 1934 when Nyole Creed, (the grandson of Ed-
mund Creed), was appointed and was postmaster until 1969.
In 1951 the building that had escaped two fires was torn down and replaced
with our present office. Ansel Messer, (son of E. L. Messer), is the present
Banking services were offered to the community about 1905. An office was in
a section of the Kuehnau furniture store. Mr. L. De Vaud was the first cashier
and John Powers, the assistant.
In 1909 the present building was built and the Unity State Bank organized.
During the years it was merged with the Colby State Bank and recently they
consolidated with the Security State Bank of Colby. It is now a branch office of
Many of us recall the employees who have served this bank as cashiers;
namely, S. J. Falck  Frank Bloczynski Melvin Tennis, and Corwin Dallmann,
who is now Executive Vice-President of the organization.
One of the landmarks of the earlier days is the cheese factory (Milk Products
Co.). This was started in 1906 and has been in operation since. Former owners
were J. Koch, 0. Rhodes, L. P. Talpin and the pisent owner, Harry Mandel
who has been here since 1931. Mr. Mandel has made many changes in opera-
tion and has remodeled the building.
Another business place that has been in constant use since 1909 is Ray's
Market. We remember -it as the Mercantile Store. Martin Hellstad owned it for
many years. Graham Thayer owned it for a short time and sold it to the late
Gilbert Wiedenhoeft who remodeled it and combined a meat processing opera-
tion with it. He operated it until his death in 1970.
Ayer's Store has also served as a grocery store through the years. Some of
its previous owners were: J. Salter, F. Neuling, Langjahr Bros., Ted. Domer, Bob
Spencer, Roy Justman, Jr., Leo Bloom, Warren Talcott, and the present owner
is Mel Ayer.
Most of us can recall the many faithful merchants who have served this
cpmmunity. Time and space does not permit a detailed account of each. We are
all appreciative of their service to our community.
The St. Croix Corporation, a small plant that made fish poles, began opera-
tions here about twenty years ago. Their business grew rapidly, giving employ-
ment to many in this area. They operated here about six years when due to lack
of facilities, they moved their plant elsewhere. This was a setback to the econ-
omy of the village. Once again, men left to seek work away from here.
During the past ten years there has been new interest in progress. The Com-
mercial Club erected a building and were instrumental in bringing the Wilder-
ness Campers industry here. Two other small plants are now in operation; Dall-

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