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Unity, Wisconsin centennial

Societies,   p. 15

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Unity folks were friendly people and entered into any social activity the set-
tlement had. In the early days gatherings were held in their homes.
In 1882 the Odd Fellows Lodge was started, and the ladies organized the Re-
bekahs. Others followed; the Masons, Modern Woodmen, the Royal Neighbors, to
mention a few. All have been discontinued, the Royal Neighbors being the last to
disband. In 1971 members transferred to the Colby Camp. Mrs. Leonard Nickel
has been a member for 57 years.
Today's residents are active in their respective church and school organiza-
tions. There are three Homemaker Clubs in the area. It was through the inter-
est and efforts of the Maplewood Homemakers Club the present Senior Citizens
Club was organized in 1969. The Senior Citizens have meetings monthly in the Mem-
orial Hall. They now have a membership of 32. Herman Francen is the President.
When the Businessmen's Association disbanded the Commercial Club was
organized. Their purpose is to promote progress in the village. For the past ten
years they have sponsored a statewide horse pulling contest here. This has been
a financial success for them. As funds have become available, they have used
them to promote industrial growth.
An organization of long standing in the community is the Otto H. Kops Amer-
ican Legion Post. This was formed soon after World War I by the veterans. Soon
after an Auxiliary was organized. Regular meetings are held and they contribute
to civic projects in the area. The American flags that are displayed on the main
street on patriotic days were donated by the Post.
In 1919 a Boy Scout troop was organized. Chester Perschke was the leader.
He resigned the following year and Rev. Raymond Fleming, Pastor of the M. E.
Church, accepted the leadership of the boys. When after two years he returned
to college, the school principal, Otto Herbert, became the leader. He was fol-
lowed by Sewell Cook. Later there was a loss of interest and the troop disbanded.
In 1945 the boys of the area asked "Bunk" Creed if he would help them or-
ganize a scout troop. He was successful in getting help from other men of the
village and the troop was organized. Creed was Scoutmaster for about fifteen
years. It was during these years the troop won many awards in Scouting skills at
the district meetings. Six scouts earned the Eagle award: Delbert Purkis, Ro-
bert Messer; Dennis, Douglas, Terry, and Jeff Cook. In 1950 Creed and Gilbert
Widenhoeft, Jr. attended the Boy Scout National Jamboree at Valley Forge, Penn-
sylvania. Creed retired and his successors have been the late Gilbert Widenhoeft,
Sr., Rod Fuller, and Delbert Purkis.
Prior to 1956, Girl Scout troops had been organized but due to lack of in-
terest and adult leadership, they were soon disbanded. In 1956 a troop of Scouts
and Brownies were organized. Mrs. Calvin Peterson acted as leader of the
Brownies and Miss Joan Schopper of the Scouts. These troops were very active
for about ten years. Louellen Loughead attended the Girl Scout. National Round-
up at Button Bay, Vermont in 1962. Other ladies who were leaders were: Mrs.
Wm. Schultz, Mrs. Leon Jost, Mrs. Corwin Dallmann, and Mrs. Leo Bloom.
We also have a Garden Club in the community. This club is affiliated with
the State and National organizations. Anne Yahr, whose interests have been in
flowers and home beautification, organized the club in 1959 and served as the
President for twelve years. Each year the members plant and care for the many
flower gardens in the village park. Their aim is: each home beautified creates a
beautiful village.

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