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Unity, Wisconsin centennial

Churches,   pp. 11-14

Schools,   p. 14

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previous the church was reorganized into the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Rev. J. A. Olson became pastor in 1927 and labored here until his death in No-
vember 1949. His successors have been Rev. A. Almquist, Rev. C. Vander Stoep,
Rev. Robert Langseth, Rev. Robert Sutherland, and the present pastor, Rev.
James Primley.
Christ Disciple Church was organized by 1909. This was not a large con-
gregation. It disbanded many years ago. The building was torn down and the land
is now used for the school parking lot.
As we follow the progress made by the community, we know all were con-
cerned with the education of the youth. It was decided to build a larger school
in a more central location.
The last class to graduate from the "old" school was in 1910. Members of the
class were: Herman Francen, Ted Allain, Carl Nelson, Hilda Johnson (Justman),
Walby Johnson (Gerdes), and Elizabeth Salter (Eby).
Classes began that fall in the new school which had been erected just south
of our present buildings. This fine two story building served the community for
fifty years, graduating many fine young people.
In 1954 our high school department was discontinued as we had consolidated
with the Colby school district. The building was used by the lower grades until
1960. We now have a well equipped elementary school with grades K-6 inclusive.
It is staffed by well trained personnel and offers a full curriculum to the children
Elementary School.

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