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The United States miller
Vol. 19 (1885)

The United States miller. Vol. 19, no. 1,   pp. [1]-32 PDF (17.2 MB)

Page 31

                                     - BUILDERS FROM TUB RAW MATERIAL, OF-
poller Jills, Centrifugal peels
                              FLOUR BOLTS, SCALPING REELS,
I I              ............. ..V-  V..i.1mD  W
              IN THE UNITED STATES.
       M ill Builders and Contractors.
               CUARANTEE RESULTS.
Special Milling Department.
Motive Power and Entire Equipment of a Modern Mili
             Furnished under one Contract.
                                        110 3hau     MIL, XUSY    lI, T.
            MaUrePis, TzNN.. December 10th, 1884.
   Gentamen:-Our mill, as planned and diagrammed by you bas been In steady
operation for nearly one year past, and In proof that you have iven us a
succeasful job. We will sImply say that In the face of a veey iull trade,
and while other mills were running on short time, we have been running full
unded, In
order to supply a Vmuine demand for our flours. We must also notice, that
although you only promised us 100 bbls. capacity, we easily make 140 bbls.
per day
without deterforting Inn grades of flours. We use No. wheat, and consume
4 bushels and 28 pounds in making a barrel of Hour. We make about 28 per
cent of
very high patent, 68 of bakers, and 6 per cent, of low grade. Yet our mill
is so constructed that we may vary the percentages to suit various markets
    We have always been victorious in the sharpest competition, and from
the first day of starting we have kept the highest position among all roller
either located or represented ib this region.           Yours truly,    
                       G W  COWEN  & CO
               OVrICE or ANCHOR MILLNa CO.,
NOaDYKR a; MAaMON CO., INDIANAPOLIs. IND.                               
                   ST. Louis. Mo., Oct. 9, 1884.
   Gentiemen:-We bavb just been awarded all the first premiums on flour offered
at the great Fair and Exposition. We made a clean sweep of them all, over
all oompetitor bwhieb  includes all tbe mills in St. Loui and alloverthe
West, in at tbe entries wereopen to the whole United States. We receIved
st premium
on Patent Flour, 1st premium on Straight Flour lst premium on Clear Flour.
This embraces the entire list; the flour was made on your rolls, and you
maketheft widely known. Hurrah I for the   . &  . Co., and Anhor Milling
                                                      Yours very truly. 
                   JOHN CRANGLE, V. Prest.
   NOTE.-The entire reduction of the wheat and middlings is made upon our
rolls in this mill.                  NORDYKE & MARtMON CO.
                                          500 BA231L MLL IN MIU1O1RL
                  Read what an Old Miller who has thirty-four pairs of these
Rolls In constant use says:
        Orrics or DAVIS & FAUCOTT MILLING CO.,
MUasas. NoaDYKa &MAaMoN Co., INNDANAPo1,s, Iw.                      
                   ST. JO1HPHM, Mo.. Nov. 28th, 188
   Gen~tlen:-In regar4 to the workings of our new mill erected by you, will
") It is  working fully up to and beyond our expectations. Our average
work i
fully Js ner eent. over your guarantenee.Snce starting our mill lut tJU1
y we have had no omplain t of our flour-from any market where sold. It gives
satisfaction, and whave heIt scattered on the trade from Chicago to Galveston,
Texas. Our yields are all that are attainable. We have tested It on both
      andWiqer heaa wth atifacoryresults on both varieties. Since the mill
wM turned over to us we have not changed it spout or a foot of cloth, nor
have we
                      fnieicges  We  have run ma long a six days and nights
without shutting steam off the engine, not having a "choke" or
a belt to come
ott. The mll is entirely satisfactory to us. and for a fine job of workmanship,
milling skill and perfection of system, we doubt if it Is surpassed In the
Sttates tosday. Itt Iscertanly a grand monument to the ability and skill
of Col. C. A. Winn, your Milling Engineer and Deslner. You may point to this
With pride and  say to ompetitYors u "You may trto equal, but you wil
never beat it" Wising you the success that honorable dealin deserves
I  am.
                                                       Yours, etc.,     
                      R. H. FAUCRiTI, Prest.
WLetters on file In our office from a large number of small Roller Millers
giving as favorable reports
    as above. A portion will be published as occasion demands.
mention the UtISTVD STATUS MILLYe when you write to us.1
n~ ~~~~~~~~~. .......1 ^EETATU U ftSNU I

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