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Florence, E. H. / Annual report of the Trempealeau County agricultural agent

Sheep program PDF (370.8 KB)

DM C PM!map
     In an effort to secure the
best rzam possible at reasonable
prices and to bring the seller
and buyer together the University
Rem Truck is scheduled each gear.
During the past three years a
raM have been sold. Tifteen head
were old the past year.
     Wile the stop is in progress
Prof. Lacey of the College of Agri-
culture discumses the general
sheep program. The picture on the
left ohsih Mm" - ^4 44- -.& ,+ +S
                                                different broad charactoristics.
          The lower right picture is of some of the sheeupen checking over
rn. -
Farmers have gained confidence In the quality of rams carried on the truck
each year more are attend4ng the stops and buying rams.
          The lower left picture is of Kenneth Xopp, Future armer and 4-N
boy having his ram lamb landled by Prof. Laceg. Thls ram lamb was placed
by Prof. Lacey at the Wisconsin Jr. Pair this year. John ioppp Kenneth's
at whose place the ram truck stopped this year In also In the picture. The
pictures were taken for the "Msrkete. by Ur. Olson of the South St.
Paul Yards.
                         -am  SEULBNG DD(ON8$TBLTI
          This spring a shearing demonstration was conducted on the John
farm by Prof. Lacey and a representative of the Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.
          Prof. Lacey discussed sheep problecs and demonstrated drenching
stomach worms. Shearing technique was demonstrated and a number attending
tried their hand at it.
          Wool grades were shown to those attending and sheep breeds were
classified according to their wool grades.
         Proper handling of the fleece was also demonstrated. in its relation
to the grading later done by wool buyers.

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