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Florence, E. H. / Annual report of the Trempealeau County agricultural agent

Dairy programs PDF (2.8 MB)

          The four associations  StrumnlLevaq, Udtodall-Indspendeme,
Aroadia-Ittriokg and Galesyille are in operation as strong as ever, In
fact total membership has increased.. The fleldmen for these associations
aid the members in finding which cows are the most profitable and also
aid them in other herd management problems. These herds serve as founwda-
tion stock for other hords in the County.
          The tosters and thoir associations are as follows:
               3d Andorson      -  Uiitdiall-Independeice
               Hilary Ealama       Gelesville
               Lyle Amborg      -  Arcadla-Ettrick
               rrnest Marsolok -   Strum-Eleva
    LOOATIC 0O Mo MMS                         OOUXTY-WIDD T!STING
    Plans are under way to organize a
county-wide testing program. This may
not take placo this coming year., Under
such a sot-up the testing is done in a
central laboratory, and the regular
testers act as fieldmon for those tak-
ing their own samples. Such an organ-
ization results in more animals being
tested by the same personnel and at a
lower cost per animal than the present
system. Those wishing to continue of-
ficial testing may do soo
     This program would be logical after
an artificial insemination program i8 in
operation. Both will work very satis-
factorily together, oach being a part of
improving cattle in the county.
           DeR.I.A. SIGNS
     Signs were socurod, mado of steelp
18" x 2-f1, some of which have already
been distributed. These slgas, indicat-
ing the farmer is a DHI.I.A. member, are
being placed on a building or at the
roadside. They are a good form of adver-
ti sing"

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