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Florence, E. H. / Annual report of the Trempealeau County agricultural agent

Agricultural conservation program PDF (278.6 KB)

-       --  -
  b 4 z i-                        \ \II               /
          ----       7      /w1EHLP5 -              9D0~pr.
                             450UN10 PP/ACT/CEf5
                                 AGEICUTUUAL CWSERVATION PROGPAM
                            The purpose of the program is to aid in check-
                     ing soil erosion, improve soil fertility and to main-
                     tain a farm income.    In short, the more we have steep-
                     er hillsides in conserving grasses, the losses from
                     washing will be greatly reduced.
                       The county agriciltural agent acted during the past
                 year in the capacity of Secretary of the Trempealeau Countg
                 Agriomitural Conservation Association and also as a non-
                 voting member of the county committee.
                       The county committee, community committeemen and the
                 County Agent have expressed the government program in terms
                 of what we need and the benefits that can be derived from
                 better land associationso Most farmers consider the pro-
I i <_________lgram in that lights
                       The county committee consists of the following:
                   Milan Cox         -  Osseo     -  Chairman
                   Wh. Conrad       -  Melrose    -  Vice Chairman
                   Ludvig F. Anderson - Strum     -  Member
                   M_.e Mustad      -  Arcadia    - Alternate
                   Laurence Suttie      -  Galesville -   Alternate
                   \. H. Florence    - Uhitehall  -  Secretary
                                 IAL PROGRhM SUMMARY
                      NUMBER OF FAIRS ----------    -  -       3,278
                      PECUT F.AU2MES IN PROGRAM ------            95
                      XJ\B\R OF ACRESER --------- --- -       455,706
                      NUMBER APPLYING FOR PAYMENT    -         3,100
                                                      1941      3,020
     \~ \ \ -,s- \      \ \ APPROXIMKATPADMEFOR 1941 - -     $270,300.00
   AO \' j o57\\      APPROXIMATE PAYMENT PAR APPLICANT -      $89.50
                      \NUNB3R OF FIEL wa wS EGLG-I                51
                      NUMBIR OF orFICO a       G     -- nw..          6
- -- N .

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