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Florence, E. H. / Annual report of the Trempealeau County agricultural agent

Soil erosion and improvement programs PDF (734.4 KB)

     Soil losses are serious in the
Qounty. Du"iaae from erosion is much
more widespread than most people in the
County realize, evenz on well manag d
farms.  See map on reverse side for
farms using erosion control practices.
     Trempealean County became a county-
wide soil conservation district in
March, 1940. Members of the ap'icultu-
ral committee, V. P. Raichle, Chr., X.
R. Pinner, Albert Scherr, and Pred Kopp
are the supervisors of the district.
     As a county-wide district all far-
mers can if they wish receive technical
aod and district lime. Due to labor
shortages and low CCC Camp enrollment
the lime program has had to be curtail-
ed somewhat, also other labor obliga-
     Because of local interest in erosion
control work, the State Soil Conservatlon
Committee at the request of the smer-
visors appointed Lo G. Monthey to do
Reso  Ad.. -- 44.- o.44Tta-+ fa rth
                                           In the main he is aiding farmers
on their
439 farm plans have been made for Trem-     * oil and woodlot problems. 
Larry has
pealeau County farms.  See map on other   si    n   odo     rbes        ar
                                          been with us since August and is
side for distribution.
                                           ed by the State Committee, the
                                           providing office space for him.
                                           has made 204 farm calls since
his ar-
                                           rival in August,
                            sa..~~~~~~~~ a..n
         Through a cooperative testing arrangement with
W.P.A. and the County Soil Conservation District office
4,015 soil samples were tested. Most all the soils test-
ed show a definite need of fertilizer especially phos-
phorus. The samples are tested for lime, phosphate and
potash requirements roquiring 12,045 separate tests.
          The office is of the opinion that testing soils
before liming and fertilization is of most importanoe.
Too much fertilizer and lime is being applied with soil
tests not knowni. In some cases applications have been
made on fields not needing its while those in need re-
-z  V  flfl.

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