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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

Cooperation of city grades,   pp. 57-59 PDF (692.3 KB)

Page 59

every city deserve excellent grade teaching for their own sake.
Good grade teachers in a town in which a training school is located
hive a larger opportunity for public service than they have else-
w iere and poor grade teachers in such towns do more mischief than
they do in the other places. So there are peculiar reasons for im-
proving grade work in towns which have practice work and obeer-
;, tion. Here we see illustrated Henry W. Bailey's observation:
What the city does for the country, it does even more for itself."
                       7. Grade Supervisors
  In order to have grade work attain a high standard, doubtlese
ijany cities should engage superior women as grade supervisors.
A few cities have already done this. If care is taken, in selecting
fur this position well trained women (the qualifications given on
pages 52, 53 of this pamphlet may prove suggestive) this movement
wilI do a great deal for both the city and the country children of
this state.
  To quote from Cubberley, Director of the Salt Lake City Survey:
  The whole question as to the value of supervision depends upon
its character and upon the type of supervisors employed. Nothing
pays such large dividends in any line of work as plenty of good
brains at the top. Cheap supervision is very likely to be poor su-
pervision but expensive supervision may not be good supervision.
Ii pays a city to offer good salaries for such work and to make its
selections from a wide market. As a general proposition, though
uot always true, supervisors from the outside should be preferred
to the promotion of individuals from within the force, because of
the new ideas they can bring into the school system."
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