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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

County superintendent and supervising teacher,   pp. 55-56 PDF (439.1 KB)

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other schools. the county superintendent should discover the causes *m 1
help the training teachers to improve the training given students. It is
pofltable for county superintendents and supervising teachers to remember
that an hour spent In a training school may do for thirty students what
it will take thirty hours to do for them when hey are scattered over a
          4. The Importance of Diploma Examinaiions
  The county superintendent may be of much help in advising the
brightest pupils from country schools to take teacher training eventu-
ally. By the credit he gives for home project work and by the kind of
questions he asks in his diploma examinations, and by the way he
conducts them, he may be of still further assistance. We should
realize the great role that these tests play in the progress of pupils.
  Training students should be sent out interested in the fact that
the Manual suggests that the regular oral work of pupils, their reg-
ular written work, their intelligence and their general reading
should be taken into account by the county superintendent and su-
pervising teacher during the year preceding their taking a diploma
examination. When country teachers are ready to cooperate in re-
gard to a high standard of daily work, we shall not have as many
poorly prepared children sent out from country schools equipped
with a diploma. (See the Manual for further suggestions, page
  The central plan for examinations as well as the central com-
mencement exercises for country schools, held in a number of coun-
ties, are to be highly commended. The extension of such exercises
will do much to awaken a desire in many children to gain a coun-
try school diploma. Training schools are an important factor in
furthering their extension, and so in helping to carry out the in-
junction of Dean Bailey of Cornell: "The man who tills the soil
must be educated. There is more need on the side of the public
welfare, to educate this man than any other man."

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