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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

The teachers who train students for country teaching,   pp. 52-54 PDF (744.2 KB)

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  (a) Traieg teachers soe It re-ads  b    naeoraatw   ,witth cowt,,
  Pfrobdem. evwe t they a" at Arat. Thfy my aetuar  live In the count
  during a part or their vacations; they may visit a number of count y
  schools engaged In training country teachers; they may attend and appe,
  on the program of county and other sectional meetings In which count y
  problems are considered. There are summer schools connected with a f'Mw
  of our great universities which offer courses weU fitted to neet the neels
  of training teachers. It Is not uncommon for a few Wisconsin training
  t-iehers to take advantage of these courses every summer. As training
  tecaher. In greater numbers attend such summer schools. country school
  progress is more certain to be accelerated
  By enumerating a few of the different opportunities open to anyone wbo
  carres to become fitted for the task of training country teachers, It to
  covered that we have so far scarcely begun to any appreciable extent to
  make use of many available ways open for fulfilling aright our purpose
  give "the country child every whit as good an educational opportunity
  that at present enjoyed by the most favored city child attending an Anmer-
  lean public school".
            4. A favorable local envvroumemt important
   Teachers should be chosen because they rank highest not only in
 health, personality, education, teaching power and desirable expe-
 rience of any available candidates but because they are in posses-
 sion also of the right attitude toward country life. After paying
 attention to all these qualifications it to necessary to frankly recog-
 nize that the ability of training teachers to develop Into increasingly
 valuable teachers is in a measure dependent upon whether or not
 the local environment favors growth in their work and enjoyment
 of it.
   a. Adequate financial compensation must be held out to training
   b. They must have freedom to develop initiative.
   c. Leiure for recreation and a natul life. They must have
enough leisure to forget at times the responsibilities of their posi-
tion. Many teachers through eagerness to help, undertake programs
beyond their strength, and thus fail to do either themselves or their
students justice. Training teachers should know not only school
people but people engaged in other occupations, and they shoulul
familiarize themselves with the questions that come up for discus-
sion In the ordinary family. It will ad4 ft the worth of all training
teachers It they have a genuine Interest In the commonplace human
details which must necessarily absorb the time of moat busy fathers
and mothers.
                    5. Planning for the Future
  The history of the future of the country districts depends upon
the forces set In motion now. Nothing should be neglected which
will help to entice into this work in Wisconsin, men and women
possessing "generous personal culture, liberal views: good pedagog-
ical training, satisfactory teaching experience, good sense, and a
knowledge and sympathy with rural conditions, people and life".

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