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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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know the children in the practice classes; to keep in touch with
them through occasional teaching; to require plans which show
careful preparation; to so organize practice work that it can be
looked after carefully and to so criticise and commend it, as to
lead to constant improvement, means hard work. It will help these
untiring workers t6 get light where so much at times seems dark
if they will visit other teachers engaged in supervision.
  Every training teacher should be interested in discovering whether she
tilay not find it convenient to visit other training schools or some of the
excellent model department teachers in our state normal schools, or some
of the expert grade teachers which a few of our Wisconsin cities are at-
tracting through good salaries and efficient supervision. Nowhere more
truly than in her teaching before observers-an important part of a super-
visor's work-do we find that one who is to do demonstration work well
must first have had an opportunity to see other people do it well.
  There is little literature on the subject of practice work. The work It-
self in connection with city grades is comparatively new. It is difficult
s-Cure preparation for the supervision of practice work so this visiting
other supervisors becomes absolutely necessary for teachers new at it; yet
i, is true that there are teachers engaged for years in supervision, who
only have not been urged or required to visit other schools, but who have
not found it easy to get the time to do this visiting when they asked for
it. It is high time that this condition be changed.
   (17) Cooperation needed. No supervisor of practice or training
 school principal, however superior, can unaided do very much in
 training country school teachers. In every case the cooperation
 of all other teachers engaged in the work and of the county super-
 intendent and supervising teacher is needed. Only in a slightly less
 degree is it necessary &hat the cooperation of the city superintendent
 or supervising principal be secured. All forces concerned must
 work together.
             a Country Life Books and Rural Economics
    Training school students should perforce study their immediate
  neighborhood but they uiust exert themselves also to keep abreast
  of the best current thought on the subject of country life. It is a
  commendable plan to assign one or two recent books on country life
  to each student to outline and to report on in the pedagogy or school
  management classes.
    As a suggestion a few of the most useful recent books have been par-
  tially outlined here. The names of the most suggestive chapters have been
  given under the title of each book.
                         a. LAst of Book.
  to The Challenge of the CorutrYiaiske.
    Chapter 1. Rural depletion and rural degeneracy.
    Chapter 2. Thei privlege of living in tie country.
    Chapter S. The emancipation from drudgery.
    Chapter 4. The triumphs of scientific agriculture In Its struggle with
                  rural conservation.
    Chapter 5. Our debt to immigrants.
    Chapter 6. Allies of the school in rural education.

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