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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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the small residuum of usable knowledge which they bring to the
  a. Why reviews are necessary. (1) Meauring achievement has
-been rare. Reviews are more necessary at the present time than
they will probably be (a) when elementary teachers have had more
practice in the application of standard tests and scales for meas-
uring achievement; (b) when these same teachers more frequently
have the advantage of receiving help from well trained supervisors;
(c) when teachers in general begin their work more adequately
trained for it; (d) moreover, as retardation and over age conditions
are more frequently combated pupils will more often have their
individual needs met and so will know better what they have been
  (2) The Manual has not been used. A second reason for this, is
that the secondary teacher of the common school subjects may be
wholly unacquainted with the presentation of these subjects in the
Common School Manual. On the other hand, the training teacher
in reviewing the branches is necessarily obliged to follow the Man-
ual very closely.  It seems that, where possible, conferences of
the teachers who teach the common school subjects to pupils of
secondary school age and of training teachers should be held. Such
conferences would undoubtedly conduce to the saving of much time
on the part of students as well as teachers.
  b. Testing every class. Each teacher will find it incumbent
upon her to test every class of students before she can adapt the
work to their particular needs. As a result of such testing, whole
topics may have to be carefully retaught. Unless teachers do test,
they often imagine that students know far more than they do of
the common school subjects.
  c. TheMannal as a guide. No teacher should attempt either the
teaching or the reviewing of common school subjects to students
who are preparing to become country teachers without frequent
references to the Manual and to other publications giving the mim-
imujn essentials. The topics Indicated In the Manual for emphasis
and those whose elimination is recommended should be stressed
or slighted according to the recommendations made there.
  d. Time needed for reviews. After training sehool teachers have
satisfied themselves that students have had, during their secondary
education, a thorough grounding in the leading common school
subjects, these same students should have at least five weeks' re-
view of reading, language, arithmetic and geography preceding the
method work In these branches. If in the judgment of the training
teachers It is considered advisable to teach both the review and the
method of each subject during the same term or quarter, fifteen
weeks of time, It Is believed, should be given to the combined re-
  * See Section II Suggeative Studies of Rehool Corditioa issued by the
state department
  * See also Minnesota Course of Study.

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