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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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filled with literary masterpieces suited to children, unless they are
taught by teachers who bring to their classes intimate knowledge
of, and loving enthusiasm for, these classics? Country and grade
teachers are often so over-burdened with their multitud nous duties
that they have neither the time nor the inclination to become ac-
quainted, while they are actively at work in the schoolroom, with
reading material which should have formed the core of their in-
struction In literature during the years in which they were receiv-
ing training for teaching.*
  d. A few further sugestious. Among the indispensable high
school subjects with which training students should have an ac-
quaintance are: Elementary science, civil government, history,
physiology and hygiene, agriculture, and domestic science.
                   IL Common School Subjects
  In deciding how much time is necessary for a thorough ground--
ing in common school subjects, a general conclusion can be reached
only by keeping in view the previous preparation of the students.
In planning what to offer in the different common school subjects.
training schools must bear in mind:
  a. Testimosy of supervisors. All persons engaged in elementary
supervision In this state bear witness to the fact that intermediate And
upper grade work is frequently Poorly taught largely because the
teachers are not themselves intimately aequainted with the subject
matter. They have not ready command of the facts which constitute
the core of the branches which they are teaching.
   b. Dependence of method work upon subject matter. The suc-
cessful teaching of the method work in common school subjects de-
pends upon a thorough acquaintance on the part of the students with
the subject matter of these branches.
   c. Why common school subjects must be retaught to all training
 students. That the full significance and broad relations of com-
 mon school subjects cannot be comprehended by immature ele-
 mentary ehildren, is undeniable. It is necessary to reteach them
 after pupils have finished the common school, especially It these
 pupils are in a short time to be called upon to teach these same
 subjecto to other children.
   3. Reviews of Common School Subjects-General Suggestions
   Since most students, before taking the review work in the com-
 mon school subjects, have studied these branches academically,
 luring their secondary training either in the training school itself
 or in state graded or high schools, it is often hard to account for
   *Fortunately for the children, not a few teachers read widely when they
 were children and so have happy memories of many excellent children's
 hooks. But many more teachers were restricted to a very few. books In
 their childhood days; often these books were not standard ones. so tratninr
 schools must become responsible for incre"ing greatly students' acquaint-
 ance with suitable reading matter for children.
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