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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

Essential characteristics of a good school for training country teachers,   pp. 12-15 PDF (975.3 KB)

The academic and vocational studies,   pp. 15-51 PDF (9.5 MB)

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                 10-15. A Few Other Essentials
  Besides these characteristics which have been discussed in this
section, mention may be made of six additional characteristics which
are treated in full in section VI of this pamplet:
  Secondary education is provided.
  Common school subjects are skillfully taught
  Review work in common school subjects is carefully planned.
  Opportunities are offered to all to acquire the rudiments of the industrial
education most needed by country teachers.
  Professional training proper receives due attention.
  The reading of country life books and a study of rural economics sup-
plement the students' first hand knowledge of country conditions.
                       1. Secondary Educations
   a. Adaptation of secondAry education to the special needs of
 training students. The kind and amount of secondary education
 most valuable for country teachers to secure is a puzzling question.
 A complete secondary education includes sixteen units of work. If
 we cannot at present demand all of these units, just which ones
 shall be chosen?
    The secondary education given prospective teachers should as far
  as possible be adapted to their special needs. If the training stu-
  dents are taught in the same school where other students are pre-
  paring for other lines of work, these training students should pre-
  ferably form a group by themselves and recite in separate sections.
  The object of the separate sections is to enable the teachers to
  make the. secondary branches contribute far more effectively than
  they frequently do to the direct aim ot teacher training.
     b. iCapitaling country experience. If training teachers are
   themselves Intimately acquainted with country conditions, they may,
   by illustration, comparison, comment, quotation, etc., use the ma-
   terial most familiar to the country child, and so stimulate their
   town-brea students to inform themselves in regard to country con-
     * If secondary education, thorough training In common school uub3eJt
   and industrial training have been Included In the preparation of thouG
   plying for entrance to a training school, as may happen in the coe of
   school graduates who have received good training in these three linee
   work in the high school, the training school may, during its course of
   year, confine its work to carefully planning the review work In the com-
   mon school subWts, giving due attention to professional training proper
   and directing the reading of country life books and a nrst hand study
   rural economics and country life conditions.

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