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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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                           & In High Schools
   AL O   tle of Coarse
     In the twenty-seven high schools offering training courses the state
   pays the salary of the teacher who does the training work in each high
   school with the understanding that her full time shall be devoted ex-
   clusively to the professional work of the junior and senior years.
   A uniform course is administered. High school students who are
   to become country teachers begin their professional work in the
   junior year but they are not at liberty to take what they choose during
   their sophomore and freshman years. During their high school course
   It is recommended that they obtain the following credits:
      3 units (years) of English   1 unit of physiology and hygiene*
      % unit of arithmetic         IS unit of English history
      i unit of domestic science    % unit of civics or citizenship
      '/ unit of agriculture        I unit of United States history
    % unit of geography
    Wherever possible it is to be hoped that students will get a whole
 unit of work In geography, arithmetic, agriculture and domestic science,
 instead of one-half unit of each, as given above.
   A number of high schools maintaining training departments offer
 instruction to training students in music and drawing by the special
 teacher who teaches these subjects to the grade pupils. This is a
 good plan worthy of more general adoption. A few high schools are
 offering a little work in manual training to these students. This, too,
 Is a good idea.
   Training students must In addition have four professional units.
   Junior Professional reviews (reading, phonics, library reading, cata-
 loging, spelling, language and grammar).
   Senior professional reviews (arithmetic, geography and history).
   % unit pedagogy
   X unit practice work
   I miscellaneous unit (school management, school law, records,
 rural economics and observation.)
 As country teachers are obliged by law to teach agriculture, high
 schools maintaining training departments which have not also agri-
 cultural departments, should provide a special twenty weeks class In
 agriculture for these students. If domestic science is not in the high
 school course some other study may, for the present, be substituted
 for It. However, there Is such a growing interest in certain features
 of this work in country schools that country teachers who have had no
 preparation are quite handicapped. So, wherever possible, domestic
 science should be added to these high schools.
 The work in pedagogy should be divided between work in general
 Pedagogy and work In the special pedagogy of studies not otherwise
 * uam. sebools prefer to offer, Instead, % unit of pysology and hygiene
and one
unit of English or European bhitory.
- b

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