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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

Present courses of study,   pp. 4-11 PDF (2.0 MB)

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  b. The course for high school graduate   Besides these courses,
all of the normal schools maintain a one year course for high school
graduates. As this course is approximately a uniform one, a typi-
cal course is printed In this pamphlet. This one-year course may be
thought of also as the junior year of a two-year course offered to high
school graduates in order that they may come under the provisions of
subsection 2 of section 660g-1 of the school laws. The course for the
senior year follows.
                          First Term
 Reading and ILnguage Methods  Geography Methods
 Arithmetic Methods             Gymnastics and Writing
 Agriculture and Nature Study
                          Second Term
 Grammar and Composition       Physiology
 Drawing %, Observation %       Gymnastics and Spelling
 History and Civics
                          Third Term
 School Management, etc.        Gymnastics and Singing
 Library Methods                 Practice (6 wks. all day)
 Moral Instruction, etc.
                          Firnt Term
 Advanced Grammar and Composition
 Drawlng-Adv. %, Reading %
 Psychology and Pedagogy
 Gymnastics and Games
                         Second Term
 Arithmetic and Farm Accounting
 Juvenile Literature
 Primary Handwork and Blackboard Drawing
 Gymnasticse-Games, etc.
                          Third Term
 Agriculture and Nature Study
 American Literature and Expressive Reading
 Rural Sociology %, Sewing k
 Practice Teaching % day (6 wk.)
 Physical Training, etc.
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