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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

Cary, C. P.
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  Some of the normal schools In Wisconsin are paralleling the work
of county training schools in respect to the training of country teach-
ers. There is also provision in the normal schools at the present
time for offering a two year course for country teachers beyond high
school graduation. The state provides a bonus of $10 per month for
the first year and $15 a month thereafter to be added to the salary of
such teacher beyond the amount paid by the local school board when
such service is rendered in country districts. There are twenty-
seven high schools in which the state pays the salary of the teacher
who has immediate charge of the pupils who are training for this
work. Pupils taking the high school training course require four
years beyond the eighth grade to graduate. The work of the last two
years of the course is differentiated and at least one year of strictly
professional work Is given during these years. In these schools sats-
factory work is being accomplished.
  The laws of the state at the present time require at least one year
of academic work and one year of professional training beyond the
eighth grade, or graduation from a country school. This minimum
standard Is not satisfactory and it would seem that the time is not
distant when the state will require at least two years of special train-
Ing beyond a four-year high school course. This is the least amoudt
of preparation that can be regarded as satisfactory when require-
ments for teaching In other schools are taken into consideration.
  The county training schools have made an excellent record for them-
selves In the past fifteen years in this state. They seem to be an in-
dispensable part of our educational machinery. The results of high
school training have likewise proved satisfactory In the sense that the
training classes are doing as well as could be expected of them under
the circumstances. The aid of the high school is Imperatively needed
at this time to supplement the county training school and normal
school output of country teachers. It must be expected, however,
that with the exception of high schools in which the principal is to an
unusual degree Interested in the problem of training teachers, the
work of traning will not have the momentum and the singleness of
purpose to be found in institutions devoting themselves wholly to the
training of teachers. It Is highly desirable to confine the work of
high school training to high school graduates in the near future.
  I trust that the information given in this pamphlet will answer the
inquiries which have come to this department during the past few
years, and will furnish a basis on which a better foundation for the
future country schools may be built.
                                                    C. P. CARY.
                                              State Superintendent.

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