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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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Page viii

     4. A favorable local environment important
          a. Adequate financial compenmtion
          b. Freedom to develop initiative
          c. Leisure for recreation and a natural life
     6. Planning for the future
II. County Superintendent and supervising teacher ......... 5S-57
     1. The superintendent an important factor
     2. Circulars sent out to teachers
     S. Reporting on the work of alumni
     4. Importance of diploma examinations
X. Cooperation of city grades            .       .       5 7-6f
     1. Need of a city course of study
     2. A legitimate source of pride
     3. Questions asked by.practice teachers
     4. Raising the standard of grade work
     6. Illustrations of weak work in the grades
     6. The rights of city children
     7. Grade supervisor.
  Extension work ............  ......................... 60-65
     I. That done from a professional motive
          a. Forms it may tase
               (1) Work in connection witL existing as-
               (2) Selection  of graduates for certain
               (3) Work done for the alumni
         b. Cooperation of superintendent and alumni
               (1) Conferences
               (2) Letters from country teachers
               (3) Studyof county maps
               (4) Study of country schoolhouses
    2. That done from a social motive
         a. Social training needed by all
         b. Typical experiences which all may meet
               (1) Meeting of strangers
               (2) Behavior at table
               (3) Sharing of leisure with others
               (4) Cultivating a democratic attitude
               (6) Exalting the value of a good home
               (6) Rudeness to be cautioned against
               (7) Other indispensable topics
               (8) A helpful device
         c. Incidental work of a social nature
         d. Value of a motive
    2. Regular school work not to be neglected
Conclusion ..........................................
-=r---%                      w -      -

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