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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                         Yu
            e. Pedagogy
                 (1) The method work of the Manual
                 (2) General pedagogy
                         (a) A good text
                         (b Acquisition of a technical vo-
                         (c) Indispensable references
                         (d) A broad view of the subject
                         (e) Reference books
            S Pr ct ce teaching
                 (1) The supervisor and the children
                 (2) Demonstration lensons
                 (3) A model department
                 (4) Practice work In different grades
                 (5) Minimum amount of practice
                 (6) Limitations to the number of classes
                 (7) Small sections at first
                 (8) LAso    lns         cris
                 (9) Helpful constructive crltcbm
                 (10) Room management
                 (11) Rural practice
                 (12) Observation In country schools
                 (12) Illustrations of rural observation and
                (14) Students as assistants to country teachers
                (16) success of practice teachers
                (16) supervisors as teachers
                (17) Cooperation needed
       S. Country life books and rural economics
            a. List of books
                  (1) challenge of the Country-Fiske
                  (2) Better rural schools-kietts and Hall
                  (3) The rural school-Culter and Stone
                  (4) Improvement of rural schools-Cub-
                 (5) Country life and the country school-
                 (6) Chapters in rural progress-Butterflield
                 (7) New Ideals in rural school&-Betts
                 (8) Country life movement-Balley
                 (9) Educational resources of village and
                         rural communities-Hart
            b. Rural economics-special suggestions
                 (1) Why study rural economics
                 (2) Correlation helpful
                 (3) Keep the work practical
VIL The teachers who train students for country teatichng   U2-565
       1. Well prepared teachers hard to find
       2. Qualifications of training teachers
            a. Vigorous health and attractive personality
            b. A broad education couple' with large interests
            c. Right attitude towards country life
            d. Variety In teaching experience
       2. Conditions confronting us
            a. Early country experience valuable
            b. Careful Inquiry necessary
            c. First hand acquaintance with country life

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