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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

[Contents] Analytical table of contents,   pp. [iii]-viii PDF (1.1 MB)

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     (2) Spelling
     (3) Language
            (a) Why language is taught
            (b) Acquiring skill in language
            (c) Study of the Manual
            (d) How this work prepares a
                  woman for service
            (e) Grammar
     (4) Library reading
            (a) Practice work with book re-
            (b) Books In country school II-
            (c) Young People's Reading Cir-
            (d) Purchase of books by students
            (e) The reading of books by coun-
                  try people
            (f) Traveling libraries and the
                  work of the library commis-
     (5) Library cataloging
            (a) Texts needed
            (b) Practice work In cataloging
            (c) Training school catalogs
            (d) Use of public library
b. Arithmetic
     (1) Use of country experience
     (2) The Manual as a guide
     (3) Consulting the county superintendent
     (4) Eliminations in textbooks
     (6) A few special topics
     (6) Academic and professional work
     (7) Equipment to be prepared by students
c. Physiology and hygiene
     (1) Health habits
     (2) Medical inspection
     (2) Accidents and disease
     (4) Public Health Work
     (5) Attention to students' health
     (6) Names of a few books
d. History
     (1) Use of the Manual
     (2) An European background needed
     (2) Social and industrial phases emphasized
     (4) Excursions as a help
     (5) A test of the success of history teaching
e. Civics
     (1) First hand experience a necessity
f. Geography
     (1) Elementary science as a preparation
     (2) Use of Manual
     (3) Local geography
     (4) School surveys
g. Music, drawing and penmanship

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