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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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Iv                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
  V.Essential characteristics of a good school for training
             country teachers ...............  :  ............. 12-15
        1. Cooperation secured
        2. Knowledge of country life emphasized
        3. Both men and women help
        4. A student group consciousness created
        5. Equipment and standards receive attention
        6. Individual attention given students
        7. Adequate reference libraries provided
        8. The daily program posted
        9. Failure forestalled
        10. Secondary education provided
        11. Common school subjects skillfully taught
        12. Common school subjects thoroughly reviewed
        13. Industrial education emphasized
        14. Professional training given
        16. Country life books and rural economics studied
 VI. The academic and vocational studies . .................. 15-52
        1. Secondary education
             a. Adaptation to training students
             b. Capitalizing country experience
             c. Adapting the work in English
                  (1) Careful choice necessary
                  (2) Illustrations of suitable selections
                  (3) Needs of elementary teachers
             d. A few further suggestions
        2. Common school subjects
             a. The testimony of supervisors
             b. Dependence of method work upon subject
             c. The necessity of reteaching these subjects
        3. Reviews of common school subjects-general sug-
             a. Why reviews are necessary
                  (1) Measuring achievement has been rare
                  (2) The Manual has not been used
             b. Testing every class
             c. The Manual as a guide
             d. Time needed for reviews
       4. Method work-general suggestions
             a. The first essential
             b. The use of the Manual
             c. How well the Manual should be known
             d. The Manual references
             e. Outlining the Manual
             f. Examination of texts and comparison with the
                  (1) Up-to-date texts should be accessible
                  (2) Tests should be applied to texts
                  (3) Lists should be revised
            g. Need of drill
       5. Review and method work-special suggestions
             a. English-Its high aim and the standards at-
                  (1) Reading
                         (a) Selections to be read by stu-
                         (b) Work in phonics
                         (c) Dictionary work

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